Burney falls to my left is approx. one hour east of
Redding on highway 299.
Ash creek to my right is
two hours east of Redding
on highway 299 near Adin.

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pops and daughter base of Burney falls. click photo to enlarge.

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convict cabins are heaven to me?

page 12 Peru/Bolivia

page 6 flies and stuff

page 11 Baja

page 5 grafitti art

empty goose eggs

page 10 sailfish Baja, ash crk

page 9 convict creek

page 4 yellowstone

page 7 convict lake/Bodie

page 8 tuna time

page 3 Mt.Whitney/ Machu Pichu

page 2 story


mom and pops by the dan ryan place on ash creek

My daughter and I videotaping
Burney creek below the falls.