click photos
to left and below
to view some of
my favorites.

click here for a real close up of some midges I tied no.'S 18 to 22.

I have tied four flyboxes like this
since jan. 2000 to get ready for
opening day in the Sierras of Ca.
I will post pictures of fish when I
return from ash creek and convict.

Seven pounder convict
this one was caught last year with a lure. I hope to catch one even half as big this year. Fishing is the fun, catching them is
all gravy. As with anything attitude shapes
the way we behave and
I think i want to go fishing, see you later.

Emerald isle in Lake Tahoe.
  It is simply amazing ,the island,
and the fact that I took this
picture with a cheap polaroid
camera. a long time ago my
wife's father wanted to by property here. Too bad he didn't

I caught this five pound
twenty five inch
rainbow at Convict Lake
in 1985 on zekes pink
cheese. I have 
been Fly Fishing only
two years . I am really
just a novice to the
way of life that just makes
you want to fish more
and  more and
wife tells me it's a disease.

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