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Life in Salt Lake City, U.S.A.


View from my room_winter
The view from my room (winter)

Welcome to my homepage. Having come from Japan, I have lived in Salt Lake City since March 2001, and I have been enjoying my first American life, studying English and doing some volunteer work. Have you ever thought about living in the U.S to find the works or to study something? When I thought about living in the U.S., there were so many things which I had to do that I gave up the idea. However, I realized that it is not so difficult to live in the U.S. if knew what to do. So, in this paper, I would like to introduce you to some parts of my life, to share these experiences, and to give some advice which I believe it is useful for the people who want to live in the U.S. Please take a look at it and send your opinions if you have any comments. I hope that you really like it!

Reports from Salt Lake City

View from my room_twilight
The view from my room (twilight)
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    English Skills

    Before coming here, I took the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) in Japan. Unfortunately, I do not remember clearly, but my score was around 650. I had a lot of problems with my English skills. For example, when I tried saying something, I had no idea about my pronunciation and could not make even easy sentences. Similarly, when I tried listening to TV news, I could not understand what the announcer said at all, and when I tried reading some newspapers, I quickly gave it up. However, I knew how important it is to be able to speak English when I try to communicate with international people, because I had some opportunities to communicate with Europeans in business situations. From such experiences, I was anxious to learn English. Fortunately, my company has some programs which employees can go to foreign country and learn the language if they can meet some conditions. Accordingly, I decided to apply for one of the programs and to take advantage of it.

    Learning English

    In a friend's car, with Kazue
    I have been studying English at the ELI (English Language Institute), University of Utah, since March 2001. This school has 7 levels, and the sessions are 8 weeks long. Having started the classes from level 4-5, and now I am taking the last classes. There are a lot of international students of many kinds of nationalities in the ELI. Almost all students are 18-25 years old, and some of them are older like I am. However the purpose that I would like to improve and polish my English is same as other students' even if the age is very different, so I did not need warry about my age so much. In this section, I would like to introduce these very nice classes.

    My Room
    This is my first room. Later, I moved to larger room in the same apartment.

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Q. If I want to live abroad, what should I do at first? I have no idea.

A. If you are planning to live in the U.S and have already decided the place where you would live, the next thing you have to do would be to look for hausing. ( more )
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First created: Nov. 26, 2001 / Last updated: Dec. 15, 2001
Paper written by Yoshiko Suda ( yosy_s@hotmail.com )