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15-year-old Parisian fantasy author!
At the age of 12, Romanian-born Flavia Bujor, who is soft-spoken, tall and slender, decided to write a novel. At 14, she was offered a contract by Anne Carriere at a French publisher. More than 50,000 copies of her fantasy novel, The Prophecy of the Stones, about a hospitalized young girl who imagines another world where three heroines band together with the help of some magical stones to save their land, have been sold in France, Italy, and Germany, with a 65,000 print run in the US.

The book has made it onto best-seller lists in Europe, and more than 20 publishers elsewhere in the world have bought the rights to put it out in their countries.
Flavia Bujor
The Prophecy of the Stones has been translated into 23 languages!

Bujor wrote the book to see if she could. She would write a chapter and then pass the work on to family and friends to see if they liked it and thought she should continue.

Flavia attends one of the most elite schools in Paris and speaks perfect English.

Did you know?: Flavia is taking piano lessons!
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The Prophecy of the Stones
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