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Decision of a Heartbeat
by Danielle Deneault
Published February 2006
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Decision of a Heartbeat is the first novel by 15-year-old Danielle Deneault.

Decision of a Heartbeat is the story of James Martin, years after losing the girl of his dreams, his childhood sweetheart. He comes into contact with her again, when he is engaged to a new woman. Will James follow his heart? And what way is it tugging him?

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Decision of a Heartbeat - Danielle Deneault, 15
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November 10th, 2006.
Hi guys! If you frequent the message board, then you already know that YAW will be going through a change of location soon. The link to its new home can be found on the message board. And when the site is complete, and all info is over there, I will be taking down the geocities version of YAW and posting the link in big bold letters on this main page. For now, I am not going to be adding any YAW-thors until the move. I have received Danielle Deneault's interview finally, and since we had been trying to put it up in October, I am putting it up now. That way at least the site has been updated recently. So check out the interviews. Also, her book Decision of a Heartbeat is this month's (and maybe next months :) ) Featured Novel! If you have read this book, please send your review!

You'll also notice that I put up the author pics next to their links on the side bar I was feeling creative, and wanted to switch stuff up.

September 14th, 2006.
First off, you can see I am working on changing the front page layout. Trying to make it more eye-catching. I'm also trying a new idea. I am excited to get my hands on Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' newest book, Wolfcry, and I'm sure a lot of the rest of you are too. So I thought I would start a Featured Novel feature! Since the purpose of this site is to promote the work of young authors, I think it's high time YAW got more involved in the promoting aspect and not just the author pages. I will later make a page for the current and previous Featured Novels, where I will post any reviews YAW member write! So, if you have read Wolfcry, please drop me a note and tell everyone here at YAW your opinion!

September 13th, 2006.
The Danielle Deneault YAW-thor page is finished! The Gwinevere Rain page is linked. And, in an effort to help people find their favorite YAW-thors forum, and to inspire visitors to post more, I have added a link to each YAW-thors forum on their YAW-thor pages.

September 12th, 2006.
The results are in! Check on the Winners page to see the official results for the first annual YAW Summer Fan Art contest! I'm hoping that next year we will have even more prizes, artists, and voters! I'll be starting early, for sure.

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