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24-year-old Nigerian author asks "What makes us who we are?"
Rosemary Esehagu, born November 15th, 1981 as the fifth of six children to her parents in Lagos, Nigeria, has always found the beauty and satisfaction in nearly everything in her life.  From when she was a young Nigerian Red Cross member helping out on Sanitation Day, to being baptised into Christ, to wanting to be a physician, Rosemary takes each challenge in her life and handles it with grace and thanks.  And Rosemary's writing is no exception!

She started writing
The Looming Fog, her debut novel, to tell about the hardships her mother lived through as a young poor girl in Nigeria. But as the story progressed, and inspired by her psychology classes and the non-fiction book As Nature Made Him, Rosemary soon discovered that the best voice for her tale would be a character who blurred the lines between male and female.
Before she started writing The Looming Fog, Rosemary had lived her whole life in Nigeria, until in 1997 at the age of 16 she came to America to study.  She later enrolled at Williams College in Massachusetts, where she earned her BA in psychology. It was there that she first became inspired to write.  Her story would be picked up in 2005 by Oge Creations Books, a new small publisher in New York who publishes books that "promote discussion of topics that deal with the human self and its potentials, motivations, and troubles."

The Looming Fog was released in June 2006. Rosemary currently lives in Washington, DC where she is training to be an international physician.
To many people's surprise, Rosemary is a vegetarian and has been for two years now!

The Looming Fog is mostly about the story of an intersexed child with omniscient sight, it is also about poverty and women’s place in their community.

Rosemary is hard at work on her second novel, currently titled "My Awakening".

Did you know?: Rosemary loves to dance! Her current favorite is belly dancing!
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The Looming Fog
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