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Canadian(-turned-New York) Chick Lit(-turned-YA) author!
It is little wonder that Canadian Chick Lit author Sarah Mlynowski's favorite movie, after The Wizard of Oz, is Star Wars since they share a birthyear! Born in Montreal, Canada on January 4th, 1977, Sarah has had an amazing life that could rival young Princess Leia's.

After graduating from McGill Univeristy with a degree in English Literature, Sarah then moved to Toronto to pursue a career in the publishing industry with Harlequin Enterprises,
the name for romance novels. It was her experiences at Harlequin that led Saeah to pen her first novel, Milkrun. In 2001, when Sarah was 24, Red Dress Ink published this chick lit novel about 24 year old romance editor Jackie Norris! Sassy Jackie's story would go on to be published in 16 countries and sell over 600,000 copies!
In 2002, Sarah moved to New York City to devote herself to writing. Her second chick lit, Fishbowl, had just come out with Red Dress Ink to great reviews, including a starred review from Booklist. It was even named as "one of Waldenbooks Best Women’s Fiction novels of 2002".

Her novel
As Seen on TV, a third chick lit with Red Dress Ink about the life of a reality show contestant that Sarah wrote while 25, came out in 2003. A year later Sarah got busy! In May came a short story published in the compilation Sixteen: Stories About That Sweet and Bitter Birthday, another in September in the USA Today bestselling chick lit anthology Girls' Night In (which Sarah co-edited!), and her fourth Red Dress Ink chick lit Monkey Business, about a love-quadrangle, hit the romance market in October!

It was in February 2005 that teens got a taste of her chick lit fiction with the first in a trilogy from Random House,
Bras & Broomsticks, which introduces readers to Rachel Weinstein and her witchy sister Miri. In July, Sarah was featured in the chick lit anthology American Girls About Town.

Now 29 years old, the sequel to Sarah's YA novel,
Frogs & French Kisses, will be storming stores June 2006, when you can also look for Girls' Night Out, the companion to Girls' Night In.  And Sarah is of course still writing Chick Lit!  Over at Red Dress Ink watch for Me vs. Me in August 2006 and See Jane Write: How to Write a Chick Lit Novel in September! Sarah is such a busy writer she's also just finished writing Spells & Sleeping Bags, the final book in the Rachel Weinstein trilogy; due out June 2007!
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Some of Sarah's favorite authors include Dorothy Parker, J.K. Rowling, Helen Fielding, and Judy Blume.

Sarah holds a green belt in Tae Kwon Do!

If you're over on MySpace, Sarah runs the
Teen Lit group!

Sarah's last name is pronounced "mlin-OV-skee".

Did you know?: Sarah writes the first drafts of her books in 3 or 4 months, but it can be 2 years before we see them!
As Seen on TV
Monkey Business
Bras & Broomsticks
Frogs & French Kisses
Me Vs. Me (Red Dress Ink)
See Jane Write: A Girl's Guide to Writing Chick Lit
American Girls About Town: They're Not Just the Girls Next Door....
Sixteen : Stories About That Sweet and Bitter Birthday
Girls Night In
Girls' Night Out (Red Dress Ink)
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