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20 year old up-town girl and prep-school writer!
Robyn Schneider lives a charmed life, but she's grateful for it! When you strip away the designer shoes- of which she has a self-admitted obsessive amount- the name-brand bags and the trendy New Yorker clothes, underneath, Robyn is your typical hard-working writer.

Born on May 5th, 1986 in Orange County, California, this 5-foot-tall dark eyed beauty always dreamed of coming out East for college life while she was attending Northwood High School. When she was 13, she started writing a novel, and at 14 finished that novel. Robyn has continued to write 1 novel each year every year after that, even after an unsuccessful attempt at selling that first novel.
Her whole life changed, however, after a series of unfortunate events (a friend's tragic death, a terrible car crash that injured her spine and forced her to quit her role as football team mascot and sit around all day applying for colleges). Who knows how things might have gone for Robyn if she had made it to that meeting with her guidance councilor that day to talk about Harvard, and what her first book might have been like.
These events changed Robyn, and changed the people who she hung around with. She started talking to "screw ups", the kids who had lived hard lives by their own choice or by others'. It was the combination of their lives and hers that first inspired Better Than Yesterday. In the fall of 2004, Robyn moved to Long Island, New York City to attend Hofstra University. In October, after a string of agent rejections, Robyn met with top literary agent Susan Schulman, who offered her representation. (You can read her email correspondences with agents here!)

After less than six months with Susan, on March 7th, 2005,
Better Than Yesterday received an offer and found its home with Random House's Delacorte Press for Young Readers. It is due out January 9th, 2007!
Currently, Robyn attends Barnard College, curates the KGB Bar Young Adult Fiction Reading Series, and was the former curator of the Barbes Reading Series. She has a second book due in July 2007 from Simon & Schulster, The Social Climber's Guide To High School. 2008 will also be a busy year for Robyn. In the spring, her secret society mystery The Ivy Legacy from Delacorte will hit backpacks everywhere, along with an as-of-yet untitled novel in the summer also with Delacorte.

Robyn is taking 2007 off from college to jump-start her career by dedicating her time to promoting her books!
Pretty Robyn didn't have her first kiss until she was seventeen.

During summer 2006, Robyn will be teaching creative writing at the Emma Willard School's Girls Summer Program, which is the boarding school where
The Emperor's Club was filmed!

Robyn is a part of Laugh Factory in Times Square, one of the head improv acting troupes in New York City!

Did you know?: Robyn is friends with many other young authors, including YAW's Ned Vizzini, Marty Beckerman, and Claire Hennessy!
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