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Getting paid to read e-mail is the easiest way to earn some cash. You may want to get referrals just like the "get paid to surf" programs. Remember that the more referrals you have, the more cash you can make.
There is NO cost to join these programs!
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A few tips for the read E-mail programs:
Set up a seperate E-mail account especially to receive your paid  E-mails.

Have friends and family sign up.

NOT Spam people!
(Don't e-mail people that you don't know, Don't post messages on message board where it is not acceptable!)
Send More Info
They pay $.05 for each e-mail you receive and $.02 for all of your referrals. I would suggest that you change your selected interests on a regular basis to increase the amount of mail you receive. Payout can start at $10.00. You get to decide what you want your payout to be!
You must return a code that is within the email that they send to you. For this you will receive $.08. For every web site that you visit and give your opinion about you will receive an additional $.16. This is a great program. You can express what you like and dislike about the advertisers site. You must respond to their confirmation e-mail that they send you after you join.
You will receive $.05 for each e-mail that you receive, $.03 for each email that your direct referrals read and $.02 for your indirect referrals. You will also receive $1.00 for each of your referrals. If you choose to accept a gift certificate in place of cash, your money earned doubles to $.10 per e-mail.
Inbox Dollars
Currently pays you $.05 for each e-mail that you receive. For your direct referrals, you will receive $.02 for each e-mail they read. They will payout at $10.00 through paypal or send you a check when you reach $30.00.
Get paid to read your e-mail. Their payout is according to revenue. They have some great resources. This is something to check out! Their payout is $25.00/US and $50.00 internationally.

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