These are some of my greatest Adventures!  I am living a life that pursues the most important education, an education in the world!  I've traveled from one side of this planet to the other doing everything from Cliff Diving in Hawai'i to The Running of The Bulls in Spain!  Check here and scroll down for the latest pictures and stories I've collected from my Adventures. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them! 
Aloha style lovin' in Hawai'i!!!
Six months SCUBA diving, cliff Jumping, and soaking up the pacific sun were my priorities in Hawai'i! ;-)  Click Here!
The American South West...
These are my years in the land of enchantment!  I loved rollin' down the long stretches of highway on my  CX Custom or my Shadow motorcycle. I've have had had lots of fun here and the parties you see pictures from inside are just the tip of the iceberg! Click Here!
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New York & Toronto!!
A section devoted to Magic, Friends, and "The Sweet Science"! The whole Niagara Falls, New York and Toronto, Canada area!  To the left is a pic of two professional boxers (and I ;-) who made a lot of attention making moves in Niagara Falls!  "Downtown" Leona Brown and "Smokin" Bert Cooper! Click Here!
New Orleans & ORLANDO! My road trip to New Orleans and Orlando!  We saw everything from the famous French Quarter to 'gator wrestlin! Click Here!
Fiji Time, not just an expression!   I spent my week boating, horse riding, & loving life by the sea...
Click Here!
Sydney, Australia! Nine months Upside-down in the land of boomerangs & Vegemite! The "Land Downunder" always has something new to show me! Including how to throw a boomerang!  That pic is of my 1st try. Click Here
From a month of " Running of The Bulls" in Pamplona, Spain to six in  in Londons "Speakers Square". Click Here!
A week in South East Asia, Singapore & Malaysia!  A hot sun & cool enlightenment...
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Tokyo, Japan!
My year in the Land of The Rising Sun. Lots more than tradition and mystery.  The Japan I'm getting to know is truly the stuff of legend. From Grabakas soon-legendary NHB training  to attending  midnight parties with Kangi on my face. Click Here
Bangkok, Thailand! Winter in Thailand is like the best summers anywere else it seems and it only gets hotter!  Known for Muay Thai, Temples and Kathoeys (not necessarily in that order ;)  Can you guess which one I study?   BKK is where I am continuing my Adventures!
Wateef, Adventurer
Http:// is where Iíve recently started my Blog.  Itís a place where I can post about my everyday rants and raves as well as a place where you can leave me a message or comment.  For my big Adventures Iíll always post here, along with the pictures.  Iím using the 360 as a place to post different takes or smaller expansions on my ideas that include but are not limited to what youíll read on this main page.  Like the Japanese Donkey Surprise I just posted on!