Having analized the current situation, we could say that the current economic started to recover and continue to strengtenth. The growth of Food business especially in spices , fishery is unbeliveable. So that we try to adopted the advance metheod to get best quality of product.

As a tropical country, we could say that agriculture and fishery still become our country competitive advantage. Below are some basic assumptions to determaind what strategy we have to make e.g. :

Ø The company is in the growing and prospective business, supported by annual demand growth for spices , fishery , and tempered glass comsuption in domestic or internatonal and abundant raw material for spices and other.
Ø There are a number of entry barriers for new competitors, mainly caused by the capital intensive and high tech characteristic of mine.
Ø The company has wide distribution networks and international recognition for its numerous product lines.
Ø The company also has the experiance, the qualified management team and the competent brand name