My Very Simple Website

If you actually found this website without going into my AIM profile, you're amazing.

I don't update this very often; I should probably give a background picture though. Last updated: 12/15/2003

Currently, I'm using this page as a link page:

Check out my Xanga if you want, warning: there's a midi playing in the background.

My quote page is up again!

Need help in math? Go to my friend's site. I think I have the permission to link there now.

I have some experience in 3D modeling. Check out my first rendered image.

Want a new and fast computer for EXTREMELY cheap price? Contact NoblePath.

I had to do a charity project during webdesign class. I also have a flash sucks site and a flash movie with some blood and violence. Caution: this sub-website may contain contents that are inappropriate for young children. Parental Guidance suggested. 1