No Frames

Hello, and welcome to Happy Crab Industires. Choose Frames or No Frames from the links above to decide how you'd like to view my page. NOTE: As a result of personal irritation, the No Frames section will no longer be updated. Because it's annoying and sucky. So you might want to pick the Frames option *hint hint*. If you don't have a frames-enabled browser, then you should be aware that you are the only person left on the face of the earth who is lacking this capability and you may want to update. Just a suggestion.

Oh hey, WARNING, this website contains profuse use of the fuck word and excessive quantities of material generally deemed inappropriate for innocents under the age of 18. So yeah, if you're too little to know that the vibrating rubber duckie mommie has isn't really for her back, then you should probably turn your ass around and visit somewhere a little easier on the soul. ENTERING THIS SITE IS THE EIGHTH DEADLY SIN. TURN BACK NOW.