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Warning: Please be advised that some *contents below are not suitable for kids.  Use your judgement when they are around.  Thank you....

Updated: 10-20-08

A Creed to Live by Awesome Photo Bathing Your Cat
Bathroom Closed! * Bedtime Prayer Bless My Computer
Bumper Stickers Disabled's Plea Driving Contract
Footprints Angelfish Paradise Good Wife Guide
Handle Telemarketers Hangman! (game) How I Raised My Kids
Bigfoot If I Knew Kitchen Signs
ILY in sign language * Men's Rules Mental Health Hotline!
Mom's Prayer What an Idiot! Guardian Angels
Advice from Mom Watching You! Old IRC Friends
Old Glory Old Lady's Poem On-line Reading
Protect Your Kids Rainbow Bridge Staying Safe (for Women)
Safety Tips Show Compassion Senior Citizens
State Abbreviations The Senility Prayer Things to Keep in Mind
This is America! Avoid a Hangover Grandpa Feeding Birds
Ivan Green Why We Love Kids Getting Older
Out of Control Remember When ... State Memo
Wife from Hell * The World is Nuts Cat Commandments
Miracle Toddler Diet * To Remember Me
Cleaning Tips Cleaning Tips 2 Clean Home
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* * *
* * *
* * *

House Rules:

1. Dinner is served as soon as the pizza is delivered
2. Don't pet the dust bunnies....it just encourages them
3. I clean house every other day....this isn't the day
4. Ring bell for maid service...if no answer, do it yourself
5. This is the only workable kitchen appliance
6. Surfing forever..........housework never!
Okay, so it's not home sweet home......adjust!rolleye0018.gif

Application To Date My Daughter
Application to Go Out with the Boys
Children Learn What They Live
Indiana Living Will
Tips for Lymphedema
Post-Polio 10 Commandments
Things that Irriate a Sane Person
Safety of Hunting and Cutting up Deer Meat
* Viagra- A woman's Perspective
Discount Prices on High Quality Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Online
Theodore Roosevelt on Immigrants in 1907
Facts about Illegal Aliens



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