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Not Everything is just laughter, One also has to study to not flunk (for second time).*
Corriendo el sur (3 bodyboarder's comic)
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"Tata" Julio and Sampietri
If you've entered this website it's because you know me or you were just WEBbing around and got here. Anyway you'll find in this page Photos from Peru (The country I live in), from Punta Negra, the best beach in south Lima, pictures of my family, of Bodyboarding and a bunch of other stuff.
There are Comic strips I drew, Some of my teachers Caricatures (from The Universidad Católica del Perú), Bodyboarding Comic strips like "Corriendo el Sur" and all the other drawings I've done and came out O.K. There's also a brief biography of Julio Fairlie,my grandfather, and samples of his well known and now disappeared comic strip "Sampietri"
* In the pictre above I was at my house in Punta Negra studying for a analitical geometry exam. I so wanted to be in the beach instead!
THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, SOME LINKS ARE IN SPANISH. SOON THEY WILL ALL BE TRANSLATED. SORRY! :-) One other thing, this site is really messed up, I've put up some instructions to view it better where they are needed.
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