Zephyr GSP is an international consulting firm in Power and Water sub-sector reform.

A zephyr is a "breeze from the West", representative of the winds of change blowing over utilities throughout the world.

Public enterprise reform has been sweeping the world for over 10 years since the collapse of Eastern Economies. Governments, no longer able to sustain  investments in infrastructure to meet demand are turning towards a multitude of reform options from privatization to management contracts and Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) schemes so as to interest the private sector into providing the necessary investment. This frees up Governent budgets for more pressing needs in Health and Education and provides timely injections of revenue to State coffers.

Zephyr GSP offers a wide range of services to Private Investors, Governments, Utilities and International Financial Institutions (IFI) in the implementation of reforms and privatization.

Electricity Market Reform
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