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Me and the Nine-One-Six.


If you have the means, I suggest picking one up.

(For a list of my modifications click here.)

Links to Info and photos:


Photos of past and current bikes: I've had about 8 or 9 bikes so far...

Photos from travels: with and without motorcycles

My Papas Bikes!!!: Yeah, I got the sickness from my Dear Old Dad.

Friends on bikes: Crazy friends of mine.

Bike Rack Page: If you want to mount a rack on your ride, but don't know where to start...

Ducati 916 Valve Adjust info link: here are some ramblings on what I learned adjusting the 4 valve desmo motor and replacing the belts. No photos yet, but next time I'll snap some.

Ducati Stator Page: here is all that I've learned about Ducati electrics over a long and drawn out process of fixing an inherent problem.

Random photos and Links: a few things that don't have a place on the other pages.