what's happened to you?
it's obvious you've changed
something deep inside you is probably to blame
must be lonely up there with your head up in the clouds
even though you got there what does your conscience tell you now?

it's never the same on the way down
how does it feel when your feet finally hit the ground?
when all of your bridges aren't around
and the sandcastles you built are falling down
you had us all sitting right there in your hand
but you had to fall because that's how this life is
got your fingers burned by burning candles at both ends
now the table's turned and now your demons are your friends

so now i question what you're gonna do
now that everything's gone with you
you believe the shit you say is true
but everybody's on to you
life remembers everything you do
your karma has caught up with you


Updated: 01.10.04

Added the Fish page! w00t!


Updated: 12.24.03

Merry Xmas to you and yours.

Year #2 at the phat pad with my love Valerie...4 cats 2 hamsters 2 set up aquariums + 1 in the closet...I'm lovin' it.

Look me up on Xbox Live as gamertag: zero2dash - now playing...DDR Ultramix. Host a Heavy mode game, I'll join it. I ain't skeeeeered. Even on the pad. Bling!

DDR Extreme (arc)...B on Paranoia Evolution (Heavy). My greatest Heavy feat so far. Some others, some of which people may think are more impressive (like passing Bag on Heavy, methinks a B) but I'm most impressed with my Para Evo completion. Pictures of me @ arcade...comin' soon.

Suitcase 2.0 shots coming soon...(I promise)

I hate to say I have tons of ideas for this site again but...I do. Eh, guess that's what happens when you get new shit and you've got a digital camera (Sony Cybershot P32).


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Bruce Lee shockwave | Cowboy Bebop Perfect Sessions shots | Printer cable (db25) console joystick faq | Prison bitch name generator | SegaGen selfboot faq | Suitcase 1.0


Well...this is Z E R O out for now...if you're a prospective employer looking for a kickass graphic designer, page layout, typesetter, whatever...email me and let's talk. I have a PDF of my PageMaker 7.01 resume waiting to be sent to you...

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