Welcome to the Southern Maine Laser Challenge League. Maine has always needed a Laser Challenge Team. So I am going to try my hardest to start one. But seriously, who agrees that Maine rocks? I love Maine, and I love Laser Challenge, so I am going to mix the two together. This group is for ages 8-88 (and if you are 88, and are playing Laser Challenge, I want to meet you).

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How To Join
Job Listing
Types of Play

You know, Laser Challenge is not the only thing I enjoy. Video Games also rock. Especially RPGs. Follow the link to the list of my favorite Video Games

Best Games  

3/17/01: Added 3 new items to the Equipment list, the Ex-D Super Laser Blaster, the Laser Trap, and the Walkie Talkies. Also added stats for the Firestorm. And the best thing of all that was added, was my SMLCL logo at the top of the 'Maine' page.

3/15/01: So much for the project. It took me only 2 days to get the site up and running on the internet. I made an update on the equipment page so that pictures of the equipment would be availible (except for V2 pictures). I cannot find a picture of a seperate V2 Blaster and Armor. I also removed the items on the page.

3/13/01: Day 2 of the project. Rules, joining info, jobs, types of play, and best games page created. Background music added to each page.

3/12/01: SMLCL formed. Day 1 of the project. 1 member signed (myself). Equipment, and members pages made.

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