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Very Little is known about Adenomyosis...a disease that effects women such as myself. My goal is to provide much needed education and support for others wanting to learn more about this disease.
Thank you for visiting my webpage on Adenomyosis. This is a web page dedicated to my personal battle with Adenomyosis and now also Endometriosis. Many women diagnosed with Adenomyosis are confused, afriad and feel very alone. I wanted to share my story to help others through a difficult time. I hope you will find this page usefull.

If you have suggestions for the page, or just want to say hello please drop me a
note. I am always happy to hear from everyone. Please note that I cannot always respond to everyone in a timely manner because I do get lots of letters and I have very little free time. I do try to write back to everyone, but sometimes it takes a little time. Please be patient with me! -Jen
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What is Adenomyosis??
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Jen just had another surgery where she was also diagnosed with endometriosis. Read about it here.
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I wanted to let everyone know that my wedding was wonderful and that I'm back in business. I was saving a lot of emails that I had been sent from the webpage (in order to return them once the wedding was over) Well...I guess AOL moves them for me if they sit waiting in your inbox for two months.

Sooo...many of you wrote and I didn't respond..and now can't figure out which I responded to, and which I didn't. SO if you were one of those people waiting for a response from me..PLEASE email me again and I promise to get back to you.

As soon as I figure out why my graphics won't upload I will be adding a few wedding pictures to the page.. please check back!