This is just a typical LINK page. Things I like, things people should go to. If you want your site added, please send me a link and I might just put you in here. If you would like to link to me, just go ahead and do it!


Dark Tales: This is a great site for keeping up on the world of Horror fiction. It is also the host of the Webring I belong to. So let's visit them!

Master's Of Terror: This is a great site. Find out tons of info about a ton of authors. It's Tons -o- Fun!!!


Sex Gore Mutants: Great site for fans of Horror on DVD. The Name and Shame section of the page tells you of companies to beware of. They also have the best movie review section out there! One of the best places for upcoming DVD titles. They get the scoops before most everybody else.


Glitzine: If you went to my "About Me" page, you know that I feel that Glam is really the only style of music that matters! This is probably the best site on the web for info on the Glam Scene. Check it out and learn a thing or two about this great, fun style of music.

Marillion: They ain't Glam, but the old vocalist Fish did wear make-up years ago! This is the greatest band that ever existed. Even today they are brilliant. Progressive Rock at it's best. They are still Prog, they are pushing the boudaries of music.>

Broken Hope Great Death Metal band. Check them out!

Em Sinfonia Here is a GREAT band! And I am not just saying that due to the drummer being my best friend. The new full length CD "Intimate Portrait could change the metal world with the right exposure. Trust me. I will post when it comes out!

Mindset Zero Yes, another great band! Those of you who are smart might notice something in common with these last three bands. Good luck to you! Please do check them all out. They all are great for one reason or another!


Haunted Pages - OnLine Magazine: This site is great for those of you interested in the true world of Ghosts! It is done by a friend of mine from High School days. So GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!:

Cool Books and Movies: A good site that covers a whole bunch of stuff! Check it out!