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Welcome to the only site that I know of that is dedicated to one of the most underrated authors of the Horror/Supernatural genre

...Joseph A. Citro.

If you have just dropped on by and know little or nothing about the man,
let me describe some of his writings.

We live in a time where the Horror novel is made up of excessive violence, gore and sex.
But Mr. Citro stands in a different world. His main goal is to do what the classic novels
by authors such as Bloch, James, Machen, Blackwood, Lovecraft and etc. meant to do,
he means to scare you. Mr. Citro will scare you with the way the snow looks and the cold feels.
He plays on that old feeling that the trees look a little different from one second to the next.
He knows what scares us better than we know that ourselves. He is a classic style author who writes with the skill of a natural storyteller.

Mr.Citro is not limited to the novel though,
he has also worked within radio and television and written articles for magazines.
He has also served as the third treasurer for The Horror Writers of America.
He started writing around 1984-85. He has five novels. Four that saw mass press
and one that saw a highly acclaimed small press release. That book being "Deus-X".
You want to talk about rave reviews, this book had them in spades. Most recently he has been
turning his time to a group of "Strange-but-true" types of books, of which there are three.
They are all stories from the New England/Vermont area that are said to be true.
They are all done short story style, and are perfect for sitting around telling stories.

For more info on the books, please go to the reviews section.

For more knowledge on Mr. Citro,
please look through-out this site. Please also take the time to track down this unique author.
You will not be disappointed.

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