Yep, this is my art page. If you don't like it, go back. I just started this page so I don't have much on here. These pics are just little doodles and stuff that I do when I'm bored. E-mail me any of your comments if you want.

japanamation rulez!
this little pic is a japanamation character. Her name is Akane from 'Ranma'.

my sign, ain't he a cutie?
this is my sign, corrie. i've been drawing this little guy all over since 8th grade.

i was really bored
this is bugs bunny's girlfriend-i think. i saw her in a coloring book.

this is a transparency laid onto crumpled foil. i did it when i was younger.

one of my first attempts at actually drawing!
never thought drawing an actually pic could be fun. i was wrong! cats rule!

finally, something i'm proud of!
this is a mountain range i painted on canvas. can you tell it didn't scan very well?

the best thing i ever painted!
this is my Evening Sunset which i'm pretty dang proud of! i think it's my best artwork.

the sunset i painted for my grandpa in Florida
i painted this when my grandpa in Florida was in the hospital to help cheer him up..yeah so wht if that does sounds childish, it worked!

i got bored..this is what i do when i'm bored and no one's online
sheesh do i like sunsets or what here? :)

for a first attempt it's ok, right?
this was one of my first paintings...i've never painted a building since!

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