i miss Joey a lot. weren't we cute?
this is my old friend joey and i when we were about 6 or something, i don't know, and i bet you don't care.
general pics:they're scary
current:me and Thomas Steven
more current:can you say prep! it was from a cruise. trust me i dress way weirder than that!
none of these scanned well, sorry.

You guessed it, this is a page about me. yay. I should mention my good friend Adam for helping me create this so-called web site. Adam's been my friend for quite some time and he's put up with all my crazy antics, thanks Adam, you rule and you know it. Anyway, back to me, I think I'll just start listing some stuff about me now. I'm starting an art page for all the little doodles I do. You can e-mail me for no reason if you want, or you can just leave.

Names:Heidi, lydia, lyds, cyberburn, person, zoot, gingerich-don't ask, 2painless, poogh, pants, Kai's girl, primate, crashtest(just for you Splark)

Where i live:Ohio


Birthday:Jan. 22-send me gifts, CDs would be nice, but not any on my list

Child's name:
Aria Joleen

Best friend:Everytime i make a best friend we end up enimies so no one will ever be my best friend again

Best online friend:Kammie a.k.a. silly goose, Jay, and all the #lexx people(I miss you guys! E-mail me!!)

Dream car:1968 Canary yellow VW Bug with hippie flowers painted on it by Ryan Trecartin

Hero and mentor:Trent Reznor and Matt Groening

Fave food:Reese's creamy peanut butter cups(just like Trent!) and pasta!

Least fave food:Meat. yes i am a vegetarian so go ahead and judge me now.

Fave drinks:Orange juice, Chai tea, Slice, Tahitian Treat, and coffee...lots and lots of coffee

Fave band of all time:Nine Inch Nails

Other cool bands:Cold, Amon Tobin, Dashboard Confessional, Alien Ant Farm, Linkin Park, Mushroomhead, Tool, Aphex Twin, Orbital, Razed in Black, Meat Beat Manifesto, Staind, Days of the New, Creed, Snot(yes, they will always rule!), Sepultura, Thee Moldy Coconuts(hey chris), Radioflier(hey guys), Pothole(hey jay), Switchblade Symphony, Skudd, Tilt360, Eastcide, Primus, Anthrax, KoRn, Blink 182, Pro-pain, Mudhoney, Bolt Upright, Godsmack, MM, Queen, Prodigy, Ozzy, Sugar Ray, Ministry, Guns n' Roses, Nation of Fear(hey terry), D.R.I., Varga, Kottonmouth Kings, For Love Not Lisa, Sponge, Candlebox, Cyde, and since I don't want to list the rest go check out my page of cool bands or my page of cool local bands

Fave songs:Something i can never have, Just like you imagined, Last, Past the mission, Wildlife, Burn, Blind, Good god, Man that you fear, Lucky, Too many puppies, Sober, Do you, Faster, November rain, Linzey collins, RPM, Kick the p.a., 4, film., Outside, Whatever, Voodoo, Water, Screaming infidelities, Movies, gees i could go on forever...

Least fave songs:Anything by Hole

Best band who's singer died of AIDS:Queen

Coolest bands who's singer died in a car accident:For Squirrels and Snot

Best bands who's singer died of an overdose:Nirvana(no, he didn't kill himself! e-mail me if you don't believe me!), Blind Melon, INXS

Coolest band of the 80's:Tears for Fears, The Cure, Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper

Fave local band:Fields of Darkness-we all miss you Ryan, Groove Injection(formerly Guava)-they just kick, Cyde-they rule the world, Catalyst-heavy metal will never die, Skudd, Tilt360-drink on

Least fave band:Hole

Fave Radio Station:107.9 The End(now a stupid top 40 station thanks to a big corp.) or 106.9 Rock 107 or 100.7 WMMS The Buzzard

Best Place to Buy CDs:Checkered Records, Whipple Avenue, Canton OH - tell George Heidi sent ya! I've given that guy most of my paychecks and more respect than anyone else on earth because he is the GOD of music

Hobbies:Music, computers, music, art, music, Simpsons, music, Trent Reznor, music, poetry, music, piano, music, guitar, music, percussion, music, surfing the net...and...all aspects of music

What i do when i'm not on the puter:Listen to music or hang with friends while listening or creating music

Fave color:green-black's a close second

Pets:2 dogs-Shelly and Clyde(who we had to give away), 1 cat-Amber Denise, 1 gerbil-Raznor(R.I.P.), 1 toy poodle-Cocoa, and 2 goldfish-Whitey and Pooky(R.I.P. longest-lasting fish, ever)

Fave pet:The cat, duh Kiki!

Animal i'd most want to be:Vampire bat(hey, you get to fly around and drink blood, it's unique)

Fave cartoons:MY Simpsons, The PowerPuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Futurama, Batman, X-Files, Hey Arnold!, Beetlejuice, Sailor Moon, Scoody-Doo, Saturday Anime on Sci-Fi, and who couldn't worship Southpark(saved the best for last)!

Fave anime:Vampire Hunter D

Fave place:California(cause Hollywood's there) or New Orleans(cause Trent's there)

Least fave place:Meadville,'s boring and stupid

Place i'd most like to own:California

What i want to be when i grow up:All together now...actress

If i can't be an actress:Musician

Since i have no talent to be a musician, if i can't be one:Voice of a cartoon character preferably an anime charatcer

Person i most want to marry:Trent Reznor(duh-only to the people who know me)

Persons i most want to meet who are dead:Brandon Lee, Kurt Cobain, Michael Hutchence(we shared the same birthday), Chris Farley, Freddie Mercury

Fave actors:Michael McManus, Johnny Depp, Brandon Lee, Kevin Bacon, David Spade, John Lynch, Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio(and I don't like Leo just because he's hot)

Least fave actor:Don't have one...yet

Fave actress:Kirstin Dunst or Drew Barrymore(she's my star twin)

Worst actresses:Courtney Love(she killed Kurt!) and Liv Tyler

Worst mortal enemies:a few I care not to name at this time

Ex-worst enemies:John Mattingly-hey, i have to respect him cause he ignores me like i ignore him, he's smart, he can be pretty funny, and he's a good debater from what i've heard
John Jefferies-he never really did anything to me and he tries too hard to be funny
Kevin Roth-he stopped spamming my guestbook
Dylan Ulis-i called and worked things out. i was sick of not talking to him.

Fave movies:Tales from a parallel universe, Interveiw with the vampire, Star wars, Dragonfly, Kate and leopold, Dark City, Requiem for a dream, Romeo and juliet, The craft, The crow, Edward scissorhands, Mars attacks, Moll flanders, Monty python:the search for the holy grail and Life of brian, Austin powers, Foxfire, What's eating gilbert grape, Benny and joon, Braveheart, Akira, Hackers, The secret garden...i know there's more...

Least fave movie:The Odyssey(your teachers made you watch it too, huh?)

Fave movie on Bravo:Valmont and Strawberries(it's an independent short film)

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