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"In the Light universe, I have been darkness. Perhaps in the Dark Zone, I will be light."-Kai

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The 1st episode entitled, I Worship His Shadow.His Divine Shadow was a god in the Light Zone. He ruled over everything through a human body. In this episode, Zev is made into a love slave(almost) for "not performing her wifely duties". She was transformed by a machine into the perfect female form. But, as for the mind altering, 790 was put into the machine just as that part happened, so he is now madly in love with Zev. Kai was sent out to kill the rebels, including Thodin, who are trying to steal the LEXX. Zev, along with Stanley Tweedle, 790, Giggerota, and the Divine Predecessors escape The Cluster on the LEXX and travel through the Fractal Core(the portal between the two universes-the Light Zone and the Dark Zone) and are trying to find a new home in the Dark Zone. Kai also stows away on the LEXX and remembers His Divine Shadow killing all of the Brunnen-G, including him. After killing His Divine Shadow's host, he becomes a friend of Zev, who falls in love with him. Kai throws Giggerota into a pit, thinking she died and the 4 set off on a journey to find a new home...

The 2nd episode entitled, Super Nova. Zev and Stanley Tweedle are trying to find Kai's ancestorial planet, Brunnis, to find out if there is a way for Kai to live without protoblood. When they finally find it, they discover it abandoned by everyone except Poet Man who had died. While Zev, Kai, Stanley, and 790 are in the Brunnen-G Memory Chambers, Giggerota, who survived the fall, is told by the Divine Predecessors to kidnap Stanley, since he is the only one who can control the LEXX, and turn off the stabilizers, which are keeping the sun stable, so the sun will super nova, destroying the planet. The prophecy states that the last of the Brunnen-G, Kai, will destroy His Divine Shadow, so the Devine Predecessors are now trying to destroy Kai before he destroys His Divine Shadow. The plan goes wrong and the 2 ancestors of the Brunnen-G save Zev and the others so Kai can fullfill the prophecy. After they have safely left Brunnis, the 2 ancestors super nova together...

The 3rd episode entitled, Eating Pattern.The LEXX is very low on food(being a living ship it has to eat) so Zev and Stanley decide to wake Kai from his sleep(since Kai is dead he can only survive with protoblood, so in the meanwhile he sleeps in a cryogenic tank). When Kai does not wake Zev and Stanley guess that he's dead-dead and Zev plans to bury him. The LEXX takes over the ship and finds a planet for it to feed on. While LEXX is feeding Zev and Stanley bury Kai on the planet they landed on, Klaagya, used to put wastes on. As they return to the LEXX, 790 tells Zev he found a structure not far from where they are so Zev and Stanley check it out. Zev is kidnapped by Bog and Stanley is seduced by Wist who inserts a satellite worm into his brain to control him. Meanwhile, Kai is revived by a couple satellite worms looking for a host to feed on. When they realize that he is dead-alive they reject him and Kai goes off to save the day! By this time, Zev knows that all the people of Klaagya are controled by these worms who devour the hosts' brain if it is not fed with pattern(made by grinding up parts of humans). She is to become pattern, but Kai stops everything and saves Zev. He then goes to destroy the queen, Wist, who has killed everyone by having the satellite worms eat their brains. Surprisingly, Stanley's worm hasn't eaten his brain yet so he is taken back to the ship by Zev, but since the satellite worm is still controlling him, Wist commands him to take off without Kai. Wist (who is now a giant) then attaches herself onto LEXX and begins to eat him, since he is a living thing. Kai manages to board the ship and tries to kill Wist, but only after being hit by the remains of an exploded planet does she die. Kai is now dead-alive, but still needs protoblood to stay alive, which is running low. Everyone's happy and they start off on their 4th adventure...

The 4th episode entitled, Giga Shadow.Kai's protoblood is almost extinct so Zev looks back into Kai's memory to find out where they can get more. Their answer is the Giga Shadow back at the Cluster. So, Zev makes Stanley turn the ship around and they fly through the Fractal Core into the Light Zone. Stanley stays on the LEXX while Zev, 790, Kai, and Kai's new pet, a Cluster lizard named Squish, go to the Cluster in search of protoblood. Everyone on the Cluster has been Cleansed(exterminated) for the rebirth of the Giga Shadow, which was stopped by the disloyal few among the 8 chosen to witness the rebirth. Kai runs out of protoblood after the rebirth is triggered again so Zev and Squish find the protoblood and Squish takes it to Kai as Zev finds a way off the Cluster with a bottle of protoblood. When Kai awakes, he finds himself inside of the Giga Shadow. Meanwhile, Zev tries to contact Stanley who was captured by mercenaries, but the mercenaries get eaten by the LEXX. Stanley and Zev then go back to the Cluster to save Kai. Kai is now very close to the brain of the Giga Shadow thanks to Yottskry, but is thrown out by it. He then tells Squish to find the brain(Cluster lizards feed on brains, it's their favorite food) and destroy it. After being picked up by the LEXX, Kai says that they must go back through the Fractal Core to escape. The Giga Shadow cannot fit through the Fractal Core so they would be safe. But after making it through they are caught by an arm of the Giga Shadow which could fit through the Fractal Core. His Divine Shadow's essence kills the Divine Predecessors and just before the crew is about to be executed, Squish finds and eats the brain and the Giga Shadow and the Fractal Core cancel each other out. Kai, Zev, Stanley, and 790 are now free to search for a new home in the Dark Zone.



-she's a beautiful girl with blue hair and the "ultimate female body". She escaped a life as a love slave to live the life of a fugitive. She had a very rough past because she used to be fat and ugly before a machine altered her to look perfect. There's no changing this girl's mind about anything! She's in love with Kai(who wouldn't be!) and is part Cluster lizard which happened during her transformation.

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-he's the single hottest guy on the face of the planet and it is very understandable why Zev falls in love with him. He's got a radical haird do and has been dead for over 2,000 years(you heard me!). The only thing that keeps him alive is protoblood. While he's not awake, he stays in in a "very cold box" according to LEXX. He always comes and saves the day at the very last minute. In the 1st episode he was controlled by His Divine Shadow and used as an assasin. But, he regained his memory from a Divine Predecessor. He is the last of the Brunnen-G and is now helping Zev and the crew find a new home in the Dark Zone.
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Stanley Tweedle

-he's the only person who can control LEXX, since the key inserted itself into his hand. He's in love with Zev and the whole crew doesn't like him. Stanley became a fugitive after telling His Divine Shadow how to make LEXX, and trying to escape. He escapes on the LEXX along with Zev, 790, Kai, and the rest of the crew to find a new home in the Dark Zone.
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-he's a robot head who's in love with Zev due to the mind altering that was meant for Zev. He desperately wants to kill Stanley and and marry Zev.
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-he's the most powerful weapons ship in the two universes. He is a giant living insect who is controled by Stanley. He can destroy any planet Stanley chooses.
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-he's a rebel leader who wanted to steal the LEXX, but was killed by Kai instead.
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His Divine Shadow

-he is a parasidic-like black shadow who uses different hosts throughout the years to command everything in the Light Zone. He is a god to all the people in the Light Zone and rules with an iron fist. It stated in the prophecy that he would be destroyed by the Brunnen-G so he is now trying to kill Kai.
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Divine Predecessors

-these were the preserved brains of the bodies His Divine Shadow controlled throughout the years. They were a library of vst knowledge since they gained the memories of everyone they had killed. The Giga Shadow kills them in the 4th Episode.
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-she's a cannibal who escapes on the LEXX and tries to kill the crew but is destroyed by the super nova on Brunnis in episode 2.
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-he is the ruler of Klaagya and the maker of pattern. He dies along with all the other residents of Klaagya by the satellite worms attached to their brains.
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-she is the controller of all the satellite worms in Klaagya. She is the queen and tries to eat LEXX, but is beheaded by a piece of Klaagya after Lexx destroys it by blowing it up.
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Poet Man

-he was the last one to leave Kai's ancestorial planet. There are holographics of him explaining what exactly happened and where each door in the Brunnen-G Memory Chambers leads to.
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-he stopped the rebirth of the Giga Shadow by trying to assasinate His Divine Shadow. He is then brought back to life with protoblood and used as a host for the Giga Shadow. He fights off the Giga Shadow's essence long enough for Squish to find the brain and eat it, destroying the Giga Shadow.
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-it is a Cluster lizard born on the LEXX who thinks Kai is his mother. He saves the crew from the Giga Shadow, but is destroyed along with the Giga Shadow in the end *sob*.
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News! News! News! News! News!

Check out The Heretic's Guide to Lexx for Lexx showtimes since school keeps me so busy.

The new Xev is said to be pretty good after the first new episode aired in Canada. I'll just have to see for myself when I see 'Mantrid'.

Just to crush all the guy's hopes and dreams...Eva Haberman(Zev) is rumored to have been married to a tennis pro! Put the drool bibs away boys cuz this one's taken!

Check out the unedited Brian Chat! I actually was there! I was stans_girl.

New shows are due out in October of '98! The first new episode is entitled 'Mantrid'. Wist will be reappearing in these episodes(yeah, I thought she died too?)

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