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Pre-Civil War and Civil War Zouave Units and Uniforms

Here is a list of Zouave Units in the Civil War or ones that were active shortly before the start of hostilities. Click on the name of the unit to see a picture of their uniform. It is probably never going to be a complete list, but I shall try my best to get as many listed as I possibly can. E-mail


  • Alabama Zouaves - Capt. E.M. Law's Co., AL Vol. Inf.
  • 2nd Regt. Militia / 4th AL Inf., Co. B - Tuskegee Zouaves / Alabama Zouaves
  • 15th AL Inf., Co. J,K - Eufaula Zouaves
  • Capt. John G. Smith's Co., AL Vol. Inf. - Tallapoosa Zouaves


  • 2nd AK Inf., Co. ? (attached from February to June 1862)- Zarvona's Zouaves/Potomac Zouaves/Maryland (Guerrilla) Zouaves (also listed under MD and VA)


  • Howell Zouaves - 1865 Nevada County Militia Company
  • Ellsworth Zouave Cadets - 1864 San Francisco Militia Company
  • Tittle Zouaves - 1864 San Francisco Militia Company
  • San Jose Zouaves - Santa Clara County Militia Company
  • Santa Clara Zouaves - Santa Clara County Militia Company
  • California Zouaves - 1861 Yuba County Militia Company
  • 1st Marysville Zouaves - 1861 Yuba County Militia Company
  • 1st CA Art. Reg., (attached Infantry company) - Ellsworth Guard (Zouaves) [In late 1863 the name was altered to add 'Zouaves'. In sept. 65 changed name to 'Pioneer Zouaves'.]


  • 1st DE Inf., Co. A, & Co. B - Delaware Blues (Delaware Zouaves)

    District of Columbia

  • Washington Light Inf., Co. A(also seen as Co. E) - Washington Zouaves


  • Thomasville Zouaves
  • Augusta Zouaves
  • Macon Volunteer Zouaves
  • Young Zouaves
  • 4th GA Inf., Co. ? - ?(possibly the Camden Chasseurs, Co. D, 4th GA Cav.)


  • Lake Forest Zouaves - Militia Company from Lake Forest College(organized by Ellsworth)
  • Springfield Zouave Greys
  • 1st IL Lt. Artillery, Battery M - O___? Zouaves
  • 7th IL Inf., Co. I - Springfield Zouave Cadets
  • 11th IL Inf., Co. E - Rockford Zouaves
  • 19th IL Inf., Co. A,K - Chicago Zouaves / Ellsworth Zouave Cadets / Chicago Zouave Cadets / "Col. Scott's Zouave Regt."
  • 37th IL Inf., Co. K - Vermilion County Zouaves
  • 59th IL Inf. / 9th MO Infantry - Zouaves (also listed under MO)
  • 60th Reg. IL State Militia, Co. H - U.S. Zouave Cadets 2nd view of members
  • 77th IL Veteran Inf.
  • 118th IL Mounted Inf.


  • Hezekiah Brown's Independent Co. Inf., Indiana Legion(30 days) - Davis Zouaves (of New Albany)
  • Independent Zouaves of Indianapolis
  • Lafayette Zouaves - quasi-military boys' company
  • Montgomery Guards - Crawfordsville, IN
  • 9th IN Inf., Co. K (3 months) [Capt. Dudley H. Chase's Co.] - Logansport Zouave Guard
  • Fort Harrison Guard Zouaves - (of Terre Haute) organized March 1860, became Co. C, 11th IN Inf.
  • 11th Regt. Indiana Zouaves (this was the Regt's official name, as they were the only Zouave Regt. to not be "Volunteer Infantry" but instead to be "Regiment of Indiana Zouaves") - Wallace's Zouaves
  • 12th IN Veteran Inf. - "Pet Lambs"
  • 18th IN Veteran Inf. - ? 2nd View of Private
  • 22nd IN Veteran Inf. - wore veteran shell jacket. Looking for clear enough image to see details such as presence of tombeaux.
  • 24th IN Veteran Inf.
  • 34th IN Veteran Inf. - Morton Rifles
  • 36th IN Veteran Inf. - ?
  • 43rd IN Veteran Inf. - ?
  • 46th IN Veteran Inf. - ?
  • 47th IN Veteran Inf. - ?
  • 49th IN Veteran Inf. - ?
  • 67th IN Veteran Inf. - ?
  • 99th IN Veteran Inf. - ?
  • 100th IN Inf. - Persimmon Regiment


  • Capt. A. A. Graham's Company - Brush Bend Zouaves
  • 1st IA Vol. Inf., Co. E - Burlington Zouaves
  • 28th IA Vol. Inf. - ?


  • David Block's Independent Co. KS Inf.(30 days) - Kansas Zouaves / Leavenworth Zouaves
  • Zouaves d'Afrique - Raised by Senator Jim Lane of KS & wore "baggy scarlet pantaloons purchased from France"


  • Marion Rifle Zouaves - Infantry Company Militia
  • Halbert Zouaves - Infantry Company Militia
  • Crittenden Union Zouaves - Infantry Company Militia
  • Dupont Zouaves - Infantry Company Militia
  • Tompkins Zouaves - Militia Company called up by US Brigadier General Anderson, Sept. '61
  • 2nd KY Inf., Co. H - Kentucky Zouave Cadets


  • Inkerman Zouaves - New Orleans Theatre Troop
  • Consolidated Crescent Regt., Co. ?(Capt. W. F. Fry's Company) - Crescent Zouaves
  • Hope Guard
  • Louisiana Fire Brigade
  • Orleans Light Guard Battalion
  • French Zouave Battalion, European Brigade(New Orleans Foreign Legion) - Tirailleurs Francais
  • Young Cadets/LA Cadets - attached to Orleans Rifle Battalion
  • Home Sentinels - Iberville Parish Militia
  • Munroe Cadets - joined with Munroe Zouaves to form Ouachita Fencibles
  • Munroe Zouaves - joined with Munroe Cadets to form Ouachita Fencibles
  • 1st Battalion Lousiana Inf./ 1st Confederate State Zouave Battalion - Coppen's Zouaves
  • St. Leon Dupeire's Zouave Battalion / 1st LA Mounted Zouaves(2nd battalion Coppens' Zouaves)
  • Louisiana Battalion Zouaves and Chasseurs(Consolidation of Coppens' Zouaves and St. Pauls’ Chasseurs a’ Pied -May 31st, 1862)
  • 1st LA Inf. Battalion, Co. B - Crescent City Rifles
  • Co. B Wheat's LA Battalion/Wheat's Special Battalion/2nd LA Infantry Battalion - Tiger Rifles
  • 2nd LA Inf. Regt. - Louisiana Zouaves
  • 5th LA Inf., Co. K - Munroe Guards
  • 10th LA Inf., Co. I - Tirailleurs D'Orleans
  • 13th LA Inf.(13th & 20th Consol. Inf.), 6 companies - Avegno Zouaves/Battalion of Governor's Guards
  • 14th LA Inf., Co. ? - ? Zouaves
  • 15th LA Inf., Co. H - Louisiana Turcos


  • Bowdoin Zouaves - Bowdoin College Military Club
  • 1st Maine Inf., Co. K - Lewistown Zouaves


  • Maryland Guard Battalion/1st MD Inf., CSA, Co. E(Formerly part of 53rd Regt. Md. Vol. Militia) - Maryland Guard Zouaves - Second View of Members
  • Capt. Zarvona's Independant Zouave Company, CSA, later 47th VA Inf., Co. H(transferred to 2nd Arkansas Battalion) - Zarvona's Zouaves/Potomac Zouaves/Maryland (Guerrilla) Zouaves
  • 1st MD Home Brigade Inf., Co.E- Frederick Zouaves


  • Capt. Reed's Company - Sarsfield Zouaves (named for the man who bought their uniforms)
  • Adjutant C. M. Whelden's company - Independant Zouaves
  • "Capt. Brady's Zouave Co."
  • 1st MA Inf., Co ? - Chadwick Light Infantry Zouaves
  • 8th Mass. Inf.,Co. J (later Co. I)(3 months)/ 50th MVM, Co. A/ 13th Unattached Co. MVM - Salem Zouaves
  • 8th Mass. Inf.,Co. G(3 months)/ 50th MVM, Co. A/ 13th Unattached Co. MVM - American Guard , Second Photo of member.
  • 19th Mass. Infantry, Co. K - Boston Tiger Fire Zouaves(rifle company)
  • 23rd Mass. Inf., Co. A - Salem Zouaves
  • 27th Mass. Inf., Band - ? Zouaves (1864)
  • 30th Mass. Inf., Co. I - Boston Fire Zouaves
  • 43rd Mass. Inf. - Boston Light Infantry / Tiger Regt.


  • Detroit Zouaves - formed in 1860(boy company)
  • Brother Johathan Zouaves aka Brother Jonathan Guards (Detroit)- (1861-1862) (boy company) Uniforms were blue jackets and scarlet pants with scarlet Zouave caps.
  • Coldwater Zouave Cadets a.k.a. Coldwater Cadets - went in to 1st Mich Vol. Inf. in 1861 as C Company.
  • Ellsworth Zouaves Image Courtesy of MI National Guard.
  • Hasting Zouave Cadets - formed in 1861, obtained uniforms of unknown style.
  • The Independent Zouaves - organized in Lansing in April 1861. Apparently it disbanded or became the Elder’s Zouaves.
  • First Zouaves, a.k.a. Irish Zouaves or Irish American Zouaves - company forming in Detroit in 1861
  • Marshall Zouaves - formed by young men in 1861
  • Woodbury Zouaves - home guard company, no further info
  • Adrian Guard -after the visit of the United States Zouaves Cadets of Chicago in 1860, the company acquired Zouave uniforms of blue jackets trimmed in red with gilt buttons, scarlet pants, and red caps.
  • Zouave Cadets (of Hudson) - formed in 1861 for boys 12-16. They had J & A Herzof of Chicago make their caps.
  • 1st Battalion Frontier Guards - Co. ?, U.S. Zouave Cadets or U.S. Zouave Cadets of Detroit(1860) - formed in July of 1860. Members were to be between 20 and 23 years of age. They adopted a full Zouave dress, which differed somewhat from that worn by the Chicago United States Zouave Cadets.
  • 4th MI Inf. - (image of Regimental zouave uniform), Co. G - (seen as Trenton Volunteers or Tecumseh Volunteers a.k.a. Tecumseh Light Infantry, wore militia uniform of "red cap, blue jacket, and red pants") Trenton Vols. and Tecumseh Vols. MAY be 2 different militia organizations that combined to make Co. G of the 4th MI Vol. Inf.
  • 6th MI Inf., Co. ?(not co. A,H,E,D or K)- ? Zouaves
  • 8th MI Inf., Co E - Elder Zouaves Co. Formed in Lansing in 1861


  • 1st MN Inf., Co. E - St. Anthony Zouaves

    Misc. / Unknown State

  • Belvidere Zouave Co. (Possibly New Jersey)


  • 13th MS Inf. - Lauderdale Zouaves


  • Polk County Rangers - MO State Guard Militia ("red trowsers and gray jackets cut in zouave style" & "baggy red zouave trowsers and short gray jackets")
  • 1st Regiment MO Volunteer Militia., Artillery Company - St. Louis Artillery
  • 2nd MO(Minute Men)Vol. Militia - ? Zouaves
  • 3rd MO Regt., U.S.R.(Reserve?) Corps., Co. A - Turner Zouaves
  • 8th MO Infantry, USA - Fighting Irish Zouaves / American Zouaves
  • 9th MO Infantry / 59th IL Inf. - Zouaves (also listed under IL)
  • 31st MO Inf. - Wide Awake Zouaves


  • 1st NE Inf, Co. ?(Captain W. W. Ivors' Co.) - Zouave Guard

    New Jersey

  • Jersey City Zouave Company
  • Communipaw Zouaves
  • Battery B, 1st Regt., N.J. Vol. Lt. Arty. - ? Zouaves
  • 2nd Regt. Foot Militia, Co. H - ? Zouaves
  • 4th NJ Militia - Olden Legion (20th NJ Infantry), Co. G, Camden Zouaves/Camden Fire Zouaves/West Jersey Zouaves - Captain John R. Cunningham (1st company in NJ to enlist)
  • 10th NJ Inf., Co. ? *Currently under research, as might possibly be 4th NJ Militia*
  • 14th NJ Inf., Co. H - McClellan Zouaves
  • 33rd NJ Inf. - Mindl's Zouaves / 2nd Zouaves
  • 35th NJ Inf. - Cladek's Zouaves

    New York

  • Ellsworth Guard
  • Harewood Zouaves
  • Lansing Zouaves
  • 45th NYSM, Co ? - Seymour Light Artillery Zouaves
  • Phoenix Zouaves
  • 2nd NY Infantry, Co. ? (Capt. G.V. Boutelle's Co.) - ? Zouaves
  • 3rd NY Infantry, Co. E - Syracuse Zouaves
  • 5th Ny Inf. - Duryee's Zouaves
  • 5th NY Veteran Volunteers - Duryee's Zouaves
  • 6th NY Inf. - Wilson's Zouaves
  • 7th NY Inf. - Steuben Rangers/ Steuben Rifles / 1st Steuben Regt.
  • 9th NYSM, Co. B - Brooklyn Greys
  • 9th NY Inf. - Hawkin's Zouaves, Lightning Zouaves, Little Zoo-Zoos
  • 10th NYSM, Co. A - Albany Zouave Cadets
  • 10th NY Inf. - National Zouaves (Co. A - Original national Guard Zouaves, Co. C - Volunteer State Zouaves, Co. F - Morgan State Zouaves)
  • 11th NY Inf. - Ellsworth's Fire Zouaves/ 1st Fire Zouaves
  • 12th NYSM - Onondaga County Regiment, Independence Guard, "The Dozen"(Drum Corps were Zouaves, Regt. were chasseurs)
  • 14th Brooklyn / 84th NY Inf. - Brooklyn Chasseurs. (were chasseurs, but their uniforms were based on Ellsworth's US Zouave Cadets)
  • 18th NY Inf., Co. A - Gridley's Zouaves / The Second Zouaves
  • 17th NY Veteran Infantry - "Red-Headed Woodpeckers"
  • 20th NY Regt., Co. G - ? Zouaves
  • 41st NY Inf., Co. ? - DeKalb Zouaves
  • 42nd NY Inf. - ? Zouaves
  • 44th NY Inf. - Ellsworth's Avengers/ People's Ellsworth Regt.
  • 47th NYSV - Imperial Zouaves
  • 51st Regt. NYSM, Co. A - Shepard Rifles
  • 53rd NY Inf. - D'Epineuil's Zouaves
  • 55th NYSM(also 55th NYSM), Co. F - Gardes Lafayette
  • 57th NY Inf., Co. ? - Washington Zouaves
  • 62nd NY Inf. - Anderson's Zouaves
  • 66th NY Inf., Co. B - Empire Zouaves
  • 69th NYSM, Co. K - Irish Zouaves
  • 73rd NY Inf - 2nd Fire Zouaves
  • 74th NY Inf., Co. B - U.S. Zouave Cadets
  • 75th NY Inf., Co. A - ? Zouaves
  • 87th NY Inf., Co. B / 13th Brooklyn, Co. B - Brooklyn Zouaves/Washington Zouaves
  • 119th NY Inf., Co. ? (Capt. Pleissner's Co.) - Union College Zouaves
  • 125th NY Inf., Co. ? - ? (image found of member in zouave jacket, will post soon)
  • 140th NY Inf. - The Second Monroe County Regiment / Rochester Racehorses / Ryan Zouaves (Jan. 1864 onwards)
  • 146th NY Inf. - Garrard's Tigers (June 1863 onwards)
  • 164th NY. Inf. - Corcoran's Irish Zouaves / Phoenix Regiment
  • 165th NY Inf. - 2nd Battalion Duryee Zouaves
  • 178th NY Inf. - 2nd Regt. Hawkin's Zouaves

    North Carolina

  • 69th NC Vols.(Thomas' Legion of Cherokee Indians & Highlanders), Co. ? - Junaluska Zouaves [Contained 200 Cherokee Indians. Organized at Knoxville, Tennessee, during September, 1862, by Col. William Holland Thomas]


  • 2nd OH Vol. Militia, Co. D - Cincinnati Zouaves/ Cincinnati Zouave Guards, Co. F - Springfield Zouaves, Co. ? - Gidding's Zouaves
  • 4th OVI, Co. F - The Canton Zouaves
  • 7th OVI, Co. A - Clevland Zouave Light Guard, Co. B - Sprague(Cleveland) Zouave Cadets
  • 30th OVI, Co. A - Portsmouth Zouaves, from Portsmouth, Scioto County
  • 34th OVI - Piatt's Zouaves
  • 44th OVI, Co. ? - ? Zouaves (mentioned in letters from Regt.)
  • 53rd OVI - ? (1864-65)
  • 54th OVI - 2nd Zouaves
  • 76th OVI - ? (1864-65)


  • Barstow Zouaves - of Sommerville, PA
  • Brownell Zouaves - Separate Company Formed In Philadelphia In 1861
  • Duquense Zouaves - (Western PA Company)
  • Ellsworth Zouave Cadets - Separate Company Formed In Philadelphia In 1861
  • Fairfield Zouaves - Militia Company formed in Spring '61.
  • Pittsburgh Zouaves(1860)
  • Sumwalt's Zouaves / Gettysburg Zouaves - Militia Company formed in May '61. Lasted until 1870s.
  • Mifflin County Zouaves, Capt. Jacob Linthurst's Co. of 42 men, from Milroy, PA - used Ellsworth's Drill manual.
  • United States Zouaves - Separate Company Formed In Philadelphia In 1861
  • Washington Zouaves - Separate Company Formed In Philadelphia In 1861
  • 1st Company, Gymnast Zouaves - Pre-war unit, became Co. B, 23rd PA
  • 2nd Company, Gymnast Zouaves - Pre-war unit, became Co. K, 23rd PA
  • Pittsburgh Fire Zouaves - 2nd VA Inf. USA, Co. D / 5th WV Cav., Co. D (also listed under VA and WV)
  • 1st PA Militia(1860-61) / 18th PVI, Co. D - Philadelphia Zouave Corps(1861) 2nd View of Private and Officer
  • 3rd PA Inf., Co. I - Negley Zouaves, Co. K - Johnstown Zouave Cadets
  • 5th PA Inf., Co. K - United States Zouaves
  • 7th PA Inf., Co. F - Pennsylvania Zouaves
  • 12th PA Inf., Co. I(3 months) - Zouave Cadets
  • 23rd PVI - Birney's Fire Zouaves
  • 28th PA Inf., Co. H - Zouave Cadets
  • 32nd PA Inf, Co. A (3rd PA Reserves) Musicians - ? Zouaves
  • 47th PA Inf., Co. I - Allen Zouaves
  • 50th PA Inf., Co. B - Ellsworth's Zouaves
  • 54th PA Inf., Co. A - Johnstown Zouave Cadets, Co. B - Stoystown Zouaves
  • 57th PA Inf. - Co. ? - ? Zouaves
  • 61st PA Inf., Co. B - Ellsworth Legion, Co. D - Emley Zouaves, Co. G - Holt Guard, Co. H - Independent Greys/Birney's Zouaves, Co. I - Birney's Zouaves, Co. K - 1st Pennsylvania Zouaves
  • 62nd PA Inf., Co. L - Chambers Zouaves
  • 63rd PA Inf., Co. D - Pittsburgh Fire Zouaves
  • 69th PA Inf., Co. I - Tiger Zouaves, Co. K? - Baker Guard Zouaves
  • 71st PA Inf., Co. R - Washington City Zouaves
  • 72nd PVI - Baxter's Fire Zouaves(Co. E -Ellsworth Zouaves)
  • 74th PA Inf., Co. I - Hooveler Zouaves
  • 76th PVI - Keystone Zouaves(Co. A -Lawrence Zouaves, Co. B - Sharon Zouaves, Co. C - Iron Heads Zouaves, Co. H - Curtin Zouaves)
  • 77th NY, Co. ? (Capt. John Covode's Co.) - Covode Zouaves
  • 85th PA, Co. A - ? Zouaves
  • 87th PVI, Co. A - Ellsworth Zouaves, Co. F - Independent Blues of Gettysburg
  • 88th PA Inf., Co. A - Junior Fire Zouaves, Co. B - Neversink Zouaves
  • 93rd PVI, Co. B - Union Zouaves
  • 95th PVI - Gosline's Zouaves
  • 99th PA Inf., Co. G - Union Zouaves, Co. I - Jackson Zouaves
  • 102nd PA Inf., Co. C - Birmingham Zouaves, Co. I - Iron City Zouaves, Co. M - Pittsburgh Zouaves
  • 114th PVI - Collis' Zouaves / Zouaves d'Afrique
  • 122nd PA Inf., Co. K - Schaeffer Zouaves / Lancaster Zouaves
  • 127th PVI, Co. A - First City Zouaves(1862)[formed as an indep. militia company in 1861], Co. B - Harrisburg Fire Zouaves
  • 155th PVI - Ayres' Zouaves(Co. I - Park Zouaves) (1864)

    Rhode Island

  • 10th RI Inf., Co. H - Burnside Zouaves

    South Carolina

  • 1st Regt. of Rifles - Charleston Zouave Cadets / Chichester Zouaves / McClellan Zouaves
  • 2nd Inf. Battalion, Hampton Legion, Co. H - South Carolina Zouave Volunteers / McCord's Zouaves


  • Nashville Zouaves, CSA - Nashville Militia, A. C. Bauer O.S.
  • 6th TN Vol. Inf, CSA, Co A - Gotten Zouaves
  • 154th TN Vol. Inf., CSA, CO. ? - Harris Zouave Cadets(Memphis Zouaves)
  • 1st TN Zouaves / Anglade's Zouaves (failed to complete organization) - Capt. M. O. Brooks' Co. - McCann Zouaves,


  • ? TX Inf., Co ? - Magruder Zouave Cadets
  • 1st Regt. Galveston Vol. Militia, Co. ? - Galveston Zouaves
  • 9th Texas Infantry, Co ? - Galveston Zouaves

    United States Troops

  • 10th US. Colored Troops


  • Help Identify These Unknown Zouaves!


  • 4th VT Inf., Co. A - Bennington Zouaves


  • 1st VA Inf., Co. F - Beauregard Rifles/ "The Zouaves"
  • 2nd VA Inf. USA, Co. D / 5th WV Cav., Co. D - Pittsburgh Fire Zouaves (also listed under PA and WV)
  • 19th VA Inf., Co. A - Monticello Guard
  • 44th VA Inf., Co. E - Richmond Zouaves
  • 47th VA Inf., Co. H(transferred to 2nd Arkansas Battalion) - Zarvona's Zouaves/Potomac Zouaves/Maryland (Guerrilla) Zouaves

    West Virginia

  • 5th WV Cav., Co. D / 2nd VA Inf. USA, Co. D - Pittsburgh Fire Zouaves (also listed under VA and PA)


  • Burlington Zouaves
  • 1st Regiment WI Militia, Co. ? - Racine Zouave Cadets
  • 1st WI Inf., Co. D - National Zouaves
  • 5th WI Inf., Co. B - Milwaukee Zouave Cadets
  • 8th WI Inf., Co. G - Janesville Fire Zouaves
  • 11th WI Inf., Co. F - Harvey Zouaves, Co. G - Randall Zouaves, Co. I - Fox River Zouaves
  • 13th WI Inf., Co. B - Janesville Zouaves
  • 23rd WI Inf., Co. A - Madison Zouaves

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