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AS/400 Tips & Programming Techniques

The softwares provided here is "AS-IS", without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from use of this software.

Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, including commercial applications , and to alter it (when source code is provided), and redistribute it freely, subject to the following restrictions:

1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not claim that you wrote the original software. If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment in the product documentation would be appreciated.

2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be misrepresented as being the original software.

3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.

- Zip AS/400 Files (ZIP400) & Unzip to IFS directory (UNZIP400)
You may download the Full Version of ZIP400 & UNZIP400 once you have joined the AS400JOURNAL Group. ZIP400 allows you to zip any iSeries files into the IFS. Use ZIP400 in conjunction with Convert Physical File to Excel (CVTPFXLS) and Send Mail (SNDMAIL) utility, you can extract a physical file, convert it to Excel, Zip the excel file and send the zip file as an attachment by email. This new version of ZIP400 allows you to add stream files into an existing Zip file. The UNZIP400 extracts all the files from the Zip file into an IFS directory.

- Convert Physical File to Excel
Extract the physical file data into an IFS directory as ".xls" file instead of ".csv". This is faster than CPYTOIMPF, plus the generated Excel file takes up lesser space in the IFS directory. This tool handles the new advance data type like Floating, Real, Double, VarChar, Integer, Small Integer and Big Integer. Use this tool in conjunction with Send Mail (SNDMAIL) utility and you can automate the data extraction and send the Excel attachment by email. If you desire to send the Excel file into your network drive, try using FTP File (FTPFILE) utility.

- Check IFS
We are accustomed to using CHKOBJ to determine if an object exist. However, there is no equivalent command when checking for IFS. Download this free-code to help you determine whether IFS exist or not.

- Send Spooled File attachment by email
The Send Spooled File by Email (NETSPLF) utility allows us to attach a single spooled file within an outgiong email from the AS/400. The attachment format can either be Word, HTM, Text or even Adobe PDF. This tool comes packaged with Convert Spooled file to Doc (CVTSPLFDOC), Convert Spooled file to HTM (CVTSPLFHTM), Convert Spooled file to Text (CVTSPLFTXT) and Convert spooled file to PDF(CVTSPLFPDF). A sample program Setup SMTP (SETUPSMTP) enables you to setup your AS/400 for outgoing mail. You must provide your Mail Router & IP address as input to the program. The utility and documents are available here.

- SEU Magic
Ever wonder how people can do highlights in their SEU member. With SEU Magic, you can now change attributes such as colors, underline & reverse image on the fly while you are in edit mode of SEU. Press F7 to start the attribute and F8 to end the attribute. This is available from V4R5.

- Dynamic Service Program Binding
The idea behind this is to allow dynamic procedure (service program) call from the calling program. The service program Get Service Program Pointer (GETSPGMPTR) activates your bound *SRVPGM at execution time and sets up all the function pointers needed by your program.

- Convert Case (QLGCNVCS) in CL program
This is a quick sample CL program that uses QLGCNVCS to convert Upper-lower cases like names. The program accepts text like "ALEX NUBLA" and returns it with "Alex Nubla".

- Monitor System History Jobs
Ever had the situation wherein jobs suddenly abend and you have no idea when it started. The utility Monitor QHST (MONQHST) will keep track of jobs that abended, completed or even in inquiry.

- Retrieve ILE Source
New Version for V4R5. The retrieve ILE source code (RTVILESRC) utility allows retrieval of source member used to create modules bound into the ILE program or service program. If you can use source debugger for your ILE program, then you can retrieve the source.

- Query File Usage
The Query File Usage (QRYFUSG) is an impact analysis tool that searches through all the queries (*QRYDFN) defined in your system. It allows you do search/scan up to 50 files (full or partial name) referenced in your query definition. Files searched are for both input and output.

- IPCONFIG for your AS/400 Device
This is a similar function of typing IPCONFIG in DOS mode. The IP address and the port number for the device is displayed.

- Check Authority
Check authority of user to an object even if the user has adopted authority. We don't want secured objects falling into the hands of the wrong people.

- Find Hard-coded Libraries in your source members
New Version for V4R2.?Use this helpful tool to clean up hard coded libraries on CL, RPG or COBOL programs.?This tool comes in a zip file.?Follow the instrucstions on the readme.txt file when downloading to your AS/400.

- User-defined Date function
Use the f_CurrDate function to retrieve today's date in the format you want. Use f_PrevDate to retrieve yesterday's date. Build your own function using subprocedures.

- Work with Remote Writers
Automatically re-route your spool files from 1 system to another using the remote writer facility of OS/400. Manage your output queues properly with this facility.

- Retrieve Database Source
Lost your source for physical & logical files, here's a tool you can't live without.

- Clean Output Queues
Start your spring cleaning early by removing old spooled files in your system. Cutting the number of jobs will definitely improve your AS/400 performance.

- Move Spooled Files
Move all Held or Saved spooled file into another output queue. You can also move all files created by a certain job into another output queue.

- Alphanumeric Paging on the AS/400
Monitor your system messages and alert critical users of what is happening on the AS/400. Use this powerful tool to send pager messages.

- Telnet/400
Telnet/400 attaches to the AS/400 via the telnet port, using VT100 protocol. However, it provides an AS/400 look and feel and maps command keys correctly for the AS/400. When Telnet/400 startsup it will ask you for the AS400 name or TCP/IP address to connect to. If you create a shortcut you can include the AS400 name on the command line (ie TELNET400.EXE AS400NM).

I would like to thank our friend Mr. Albert York for providing us with this shareware. Albert is an active Midrange Computing Magazine contributor. You may contact him personally for the full-blown version of Telnet/400.

- Reset System Authority
Use this program to reset and change command defaults and system values to add security to your system if you are running in Security Level 30.

- FTP Objects
Use the FTP transfer of objects from your local to remote AS/400s. You can run this FTP interactively or batch. To send to a Unix system, use the FTP file facility.

- FTP Security
Is your system in the internet or intranet? Is your system secured from FTP hackers? Check this article out on how to secure your AS/400. Your system may require these codes if your FTP server is running.

- ODBC Security
Attach this program to QIBM_QZDA_INIT exit point.?This program handles the ODBC security by rejecting request to users who are not authorized to the ODBC *AUTL.?Make sure you create the ODBC authorization list first.

- Download AS/400 manuals [Get Acrobat Reader]
You can download the Portable Document Format (PDF) versions of the AS/400 V4R3, V4R2... Library. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print these books.

- View and remove data queue entries
Testing an application that uses a data queue can be difficult, because OS/400 does not supply a command to let a programmer view or change the contents of the data queue. I created the SHWDTAQ command to let me view, and optionally delete, FIFO data queue entries. Change your assistance level to *BASIC to have a "subfile-like" maintenance.

- Retrieving timestamps w/ milliseconds
Use the RTVTIMSTP module to retrieve the current timestamp that includes milliseconds.

- SAVOUTQ Utility Version 3.0
Are you planning on saving all your spool files when you upgrade your O/S or just want to clean all the spool files in your system? Then use the Save Output Queue (SAVOUTQ) Utility to store all the spool files to tape, a database, a save file or even to a shared folder. Add the monitor output queue facility to clean up spools automatically. Be patient when you download the utility. This utility is for V4R5M0 and up. Email me for other releases.

- Change Library Authority (CHGLIBAUT)
Use this tool to synchronize proper ownership and authority to a library and it's objects without the pain of going through each object.

- Monitor Job Message Wait (MONJOBMSGW)
Use this tool to alert users by email when jobs are sitting on Message Wait (MSGW). The source and document are available here.

- Send Mail (SNDMAIL)
The SNDMAIL command enables the AS/400 user to send an email to multiple recipients (up to 10) from the AS/400. It also allows up to 30 attachments. SNDMAIL uses Multi-purpose Internet Mail Exchange (MIME) format to send mail. You can find the documentation in the Zip file.

- Download UPDRPGSRC source
Update your convert RPG source (CVTRPGSRC) with the Update RPG Source (UPDRPGSRC) command. Produce a more structured RPG IV code which is more readable and easier to comprehend.

- Save File to Physical File (and back)
Here is the simplest way to convert your save file to a physical file and vice versa.


Copyright ?1999, 2000, Programmers Group & Management Resource, Inc. All rights reserved.