In Loving Memory

Buddy Pearson

July 12, 1971 - March 24, 1991

It was Palm Sunday, March 24, 1991 when Buddy and his friends decided to go rock climbing as they did many times before. As Buddy hugged me goodbye he said love ya mom I'll be home before dark, as they were leaving I said be extra careful it rained last night.

As it started getting dark I said to my husband something isn't right Buddy always calls when he's going to be late---then came the knock at the door---our lives were shattered.

Buddy, our son was so full of life, with his beautiful blond hair, always on the go, nineteen years was just not enough to have him in our lives. Our home is so quiet without him. His guitar sits quietly in the corner. The phone very seldom rings. All that remains now are our memories of him. He had such a love for people and a compassion that was very uncommon for someone so young. I am sure the world had much more to offer our tall, handsome young man.

Buddy is my only child I miss him so, and know that each day that goes by I am one day closer to seeing him again.

I miss you Buddy.

See you in my dreams.

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Home Town - Phoenix, AZ

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