In Loving Memory

Cassie Diane Cordova

April 12, 1982-April 12, 1982


I can only imagine what you would be like. Would you be like me? Would you be my total opposite? Would we fight all the time? Would we be the best of friends? I can only wonder what might have been. You're two years older than me. What color would your hair be? What would be your favorite song? What would you do if I told you I love you? Even though we never met, I still miss you. Going to your grave is painful, yet so satisfying to "see" you. If only I could see you. What color would your eyes be? Would you sing with me when I do? Would you get my boyfriends all the time? How would you talk? Could you give me good advice, lend a helping hand, or be there for me when times got rough? Would you hug me every once in a while?

Only time can tell. I will know the answers to my questions one day. One day, we'll laugh and talk just like I already wish.

You're in Jesus' arms. You're in great hands. I hope you love it there. I hear it's very nice. I wish I could hug you right now. But I know I will one day.

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Home Town - Farmerville, LA

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