In Loving Memory

Dustin M.C. Tittman

February 12,1997 - February 12,1997

When I found out I was pregnant I was only 14 yrs old. My son was an unplanned pregnancy but a blessing. His father was pretty much out of my life so that meant my son`s as well. I began to make plans to welcome my baby boy Dustin Mikal into the world.

I went into labor 8:30 am but I didn't realize it . Finally at 10:30 pm I began to feel pains, I went to sleep hoping they would go away. I was awakend at 1:00 am by more severe pains. I decided it was time to go. When I got to the hospital they rushed me to my room and began all the normal procedures except when I was hooked up to the monitor they couldn't find my son`s heartbeat. I began pushing. 15 minutes later my son Dustin Mikal Cowger-Tittman was brought into this world without taking his first breath. He was 5 lbs 4ozs and 19 in long. I asked the nurse why my beautiful son wasn't screaming and she told me he was dead. All of the revival procedures were unsuccessful. All I could do was scream no!

My son would have been 2 yrs old this past February and I miss him more each day. I miss not being able to have the chance to see him smile. I miss not being able to watch him grow to be a man.

I have now given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl that I cherish more than life itself. She will never replace my son but she gives me the chance to give the love that I could never give my son. I know my son is smiling at me from heaven and I want him to know I love him, I miss him and I'm always thinking of him.




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