In Loving Memory

Evan DeSean Lowery

October 18, 1980 Ė July 24, 1999


Evan and Kim

Please know that Iím always embracing you,

closer to you in spirit now

than ever before.

I know that this part of our lives seems difficult,

but I know that you will come to understand

that I had to make a rather difficult choice.

There I was, enjoying the shallow part of time,

my youth --carefree and full of laughter.

Then, as I began to drift into the deep,

my soul was confronted with a decision.

Can you imagine how scared I was.

I panicked for a minute, even struggled for just a while.

But, that which had created me through your love,

said that it was time.

But how could it be.

I said that I had so much left to do.

Then, a voice whispered to me that my work was already done,

I mentioned that I didnít want to leave you alone.

Again, a reply came suggesting that I would be closer to you than ever before.

I could hear my heart beat

just as if I was still in your womb.

For the first time I closed my eyes to discover light.

Mom, try to understand what I wish to share with you.

No longer do you have to worry about where I am,

for today and tomorrow

I am everywhere that my dreams could once only take me.

  I can now see all that you hoped for,

and I want you to know that I love you

for showing me heaven on earth.

Please promise me

that you will get through this and be strong,

Just like all the things that you and I have made it through,

I will be by your side this time as well, and forever more.

Iím serious.

Thereís so much more that we have to do,

And there are some things for which that I still need your help.

I donít want people to remember me,

I want them to feel my presence and that special love that we share.

I want your smile to reflect the warmth of my heart,

and please allow your steps to lead you

to the dreams that you shared with me.

Please, fight through the pain

to find the peace,

and know that there is where

I will forever be.

Donít be afraid to call my name,

I am here.

The spirit,

like a butterfly,

must struggle to free itself

from one dimension into the next.

From this challenge comes the strength

that provides for the beauty that we all enjoy.

Remember the friends and family that we love so much,

please keep them in your thoughts,

and share them with me in your conversations and dreams.

At this time it may be appropriate to say

that I would be missing you,

but it brings me great joy to tell you that

I am always here.

Loving you always,


"Your Chosen Son"

written by Terry Anderson

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