In Loving Memory

James Deehan

30th July 1953 - 21st July 1978

James Deehan, known to his friends as Jim, was my Daddy. I didn't know him very well because I was only two and a half at the time of his death. A lot of my memories stem from stories that people have told me.

My Daddy was killed in a car accident on the 21st July 1978. It happened late at night when he was returning from taking a friend home. He feel asleep at the wheel of the car and lost control. He died instantly. My little brother James would have been 1 the next day.

I have been told by so many people just how much my Daddy adored me. How he used to get me dressed up in my best clothes and take me out.

    Dear Daddy,

    I miss you so much. Even though I was too young to remember having you around, I still miss you not being around. You have missed so much, my first day at school, the days when I won medals for Irish dancing. I remember one day winning every competition and how I was so proud of myself, but deep inside the one person that I wanted to be proud of me was you. I just wanted to be able to go up to you and show you what I had achieved. I know you see all that I do, its just hard at times not to be able to see you in front of me. James is doing really well, he is studying to be an accountant. You also have a Grandson. His name is Jack and he was 3 on the 26th August 1998. He is very like James. I have spent the last few months in America and will be returning to Ireland in the summer. I hope to get back out here within a year. I am really happy with my life .

    I Love You Daddy. You are in my thoughts always.


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