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Credits: Original Story by Naoko Takeuchi (Kondansha/Toei Animation). Summary text by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (as posted to the World Wide Web by Hitoshi Doi). Video from VKLL. Editing, HTML and image digitization by LGP (Castle in the Sky). This document summarizes the original Japanese episode but uses American-version character names for the convenience of English-speaking fans. [Note: This summary was written before the American version of this episode came out, so Japanese names are used for the villians and other 'new' characters.]

Sailor Moon Episode 84: "Wiseman's Dark Hand. Destroy Rini!"

On the Dark Moon, Dimando, Esmeraude, and Saffir appear. Dimando orders Saffir to prepare for another attack on Crystal Tokyo. Saffir is angry with his brother, telling him he has forgotten their true mission, which is to change the past and get revenge for their ancestors who were exiled from Earth by Neo-Queen Serenity. Saffir continues to argue that they would have beaten their enemy by now if Dimando weren't obsessed with Serenity, who has rejected him twice already, in her past and present form. At this, Dimando strikes out at Saffir with his power, which shocks Esmeraude. Dimando vows to have Serenity within his grasp once more, as he looks at her image. Esmeraude is in silent rage.
In the ruins of Crystal Tokyo, the Sailor Scouts stand looking at the Crystal Palace, amazed at the devastation and wondering why it was so easy for the enemy to overwhelm the defenses. Rini, staring, drops Luna Ball and doesn't notice. Sailor Mercury returns it to her. Luna worries about Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, and Mars is ready to go out and find them when Endymion appears. In a monitor room, he shows them an image of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask approaching. The Scouts run out to meet them and are overjoyed to see Sailor Moon all right. But when Sailor Moon starts crying, Mars starts in on her as usual, asking why she's crying now. Sailor Moon's just glad to see them all, even Mars who always picks on her. Rini looks on at them as Mars starts yelling that she's NOT picking on her. In the Palace, they go to the chamber where Neo-Queen Serenity is suspended in crystal. Sailor Moon, somewhat unbelieving, looks at her future self.
Rini runs to "Mama", and says that she's brought Sailor Moon to help her. Endymion tells the others that the Imperium Silver Crystal of the 30th century is missing. Someone took it from the Palace just before the Dark Moon's attack on Crystal Toyko. Unseen by them, Rini started upon hearing this, and as Endymion continued, seemed ready to burst into tears. Mars says that Sailor Moon should use the Silver Crystal that she possesses to try to free Neo-Queen Serenity. Sailor Moon hesitates, not knowing if it will work, but Tuxedo Mask urges her on.
She lifts the Crystal and uses its power, but nothing happens! Rini cries out "Not even Sailor Moon can help Mama!" She runs out as Sailor Moon collapses and the others catch her. The Scouts start to go after Rini, but Tuxedo Mask stops them, saying that she needs to be alone, and she'll be safe inside the Palace's shield.