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Anso is Ansúd / Here and There
Jim Flanagan (voice and guitar). 16 tracks; 62'49". Muskerry Music Inc, 503 Bay Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401. ($15.00 + 1.50 s&h; .50 s&h for additional copies). Email: flanagan@OCEAN.ST.USM.EDU.
The folk-guitar sound of The Clancy Brothers combines with the purer sean nós singing style in an album from County Cork native Jim Flanagan that is an instant friend. The songs range from the tragic and sad (Down Erin's Lovely Lee, Lawless) to the hilarious (The Errant Apprentice, popularized by Andy Stewart ("when I was a young apprentice, and less than compos mentis")) and the simply beautiful (Song for Ireland, and one of the nicest performances I've yet to hear of the much-overdone Lakes of Ponchartrain).

His "strong, old-fashioned, ornamented style" (Dirty Linen Magazine) is shown off in lesser-known settings (most from his native Ballyvourney) that give familiar and well-loved songs a new sound. I first heard Flanagan lecture and sing at the Jackson Celtic Festival several years ago, and would love to hear his "Songs of Protest: A Musically Illustrated History of Ireland" performed in Atlanta in the future.

Rating: A on every count.

PS: Jim has a new album coming out in late may. Click here for details.

David Marcus  
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