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My wife, Peggy Lamberson. Our 12th anniversary was 6/7/98, and she gets more wonderful every year. And I love her more every year.
Our home. We live in a spacious & contemporary log home, built in Western heavy timber style. We designed it, so it has our own touches (such as a traditional Japanese dining room). I was the general contractor, too. This photograph was enhanced with Lview to express how I feel about it!
     We are in SE DeKalb County, out toward Conyers, and adjacent to the Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve, which contains over 500 acres of exposed granite outcrops, forest, and a small lake; it's a perfect back yard for us and the six six! cats who keep us entertained. (Yes, we have no children; yes, it is absolutely deliberate; no, we don't want to borrow yours!) That doesn't sound too hostile, does it?
Gardening. We don't have a lot of sun--we carved only a small house site out of the woods--but Peggy and I plant perennials, mostly, and keep expanding a little each year. And learning! I created an artifical bog last year and it is fascinating (especially the pitcher plants).
There are few things that relax me as much as spending 15 minutes walking through the garden, looking at the changes, enjoying the cycle of life and season (and flower and weed).
Hiking & backpacking. These days I mostly go for dayhikes in the Appalachians. My last big trip was a week in the Superstition Wilderness, a mountainous and scenic part of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. A long time ago I hiked the northern third of the Appalachian Trail.
Bicycling. Although I'm now a very casual rider, in the past I've toured New England and Baja California, and in 1980 led a group of 13 riders on a cross-country trip--5500 miles in the course of a long lovely summer.
Irish music. After years of playing the hammered dulcimer, the what? I'm learning the button accordion. It is the hardest thing I've done in my life. In addition to playing, I write Celtic music reviews for The Atlanta Celtic Quarterly. Click here to visit the reviews page.
Global Management Technologies Corp. A small software company that I work very hard for because I love my job. It is exciting, and the owners are great. (How many companies ask new employees what kind of soda they want in the break room? When I went in to see my new office and commented that the wall color reminded of a dorm, they invited me to go around the corner and buy a couple of gallons of paint. I did, they painted it while I was on vacation before starting my job there, and they handed me a check for the paint on my first day of work.) I'm Director of Implementation for GMT Corp., which means I make sure that quality assurance, documentation, support, implementation and consulting are all first rate.
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