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Atlantic Wave
Paddy Reynolds (fiddle), Charlie Mulvihill (button accordion), Felix Dolan (piano), James Keane (button accordion). 13 track, 40'49". Kells KM-9513
Another anniversary release, Atlantic Wave is a 25th anniversary re-release of Sweet and Traditional, the first recording by Rego Records (now Kells), featuring tracks by Paddy Reynolds, Charlie Mulvihill, and Felix Dolan. (The tracks recorded by James Keane on the original have been replaced with 5 additional tracks recorded in 1996 by Keane and Felix Dolan.)

The album was originally conceived for use by step-dancers; today it is a testament to an older generation of Irish musicians and the direct, unarranged playing that lets the music speak so well. (Reynolds is 76; Charlie Mulvihill dies in 1975 at the age of 58; Felix Dolan has been playing piano for 40 or more years.) The feel of Dolan's piano drives this album, with a beat as solid as a clock, and the music is so clear that I can close my eyes and see the musicians, even their looks over the instruments at each other.

I think that the musicians would say there's nothing extraordinary about this disk; other people might say that everything about it is extraordinary--its great music played by four masters--and I could listen to it forever. Extensive liner notes round out a beauiful package of pure, beautiful New York Irish traditional music.

Rating: A.

Track listing:

  • Atlantic Wave - Dillon Brown
  • Providence - Dudeen
  • Lad O'Beirne - Quilty
  • The Tempest - Mulvihill's
  • Charlie's Aunt - Tommy's Favorite Light
  • Mulvihill's - The Tramps
  • Little Thatched Cabin - Paddy Reynolds' Dream
  • Fedora - Gallagher
  • Sporting Pat - Tilly finn's - The Sailor's Bonnet
  • The American Reel - Paddy Kelly's - The Concert Reel
  • Morning Mist
  • The Bush on the Hill - Kitty's Rambles - The Primrose Vale
  • Bunker Hill - The Jolly Tinker - The Galway Rambler
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