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Red Knot

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Album Cover Yes, What an Idiot He Is!
Hi™ how are you today?: Ashley MacIsaac, fiddle; various others playing traditional instruments as well as clavinet, electric guitar, wurlitzer, inverted guitar, shouts, funk guitar, etc.) A&M Records 31454 0522 2; 12 tracks, 46'58". Track listing, sound clips & Ordering Info
The only answer to the question posed by the title of this 1995 album is, "A lot worse for listening to this album." There are some moments I like on this MTV-inspired production, but they are far and few between and by no means worth the self-indulgent and unfocused Celtic-rock-fusion--and noise--that is in between. (Let me be clear: by "noise" I mean sounds that come from tape machines being fast forwarded, and the like. Ashley MacIsaac is an incredibly talented fiddler. I've enjoyed him in concert with The Chieftains and I hear that his new album, fine, thank you very much (no kidding!) is totally traditional and great, but this album sounds like it was built to honor the title of track 7: What an Idiot He Is. Grade: F.

David Marcus  
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