Club Spit

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The original Club Spit was founded in 1994 and is located in our little corner of 78704. The club got its start when the house band Wolves@th'Door got tired of playing in our little back practice room and decided to play outside on the deck. Well, we had so much fun we decided to throw a party and invite a few bands to join us. The party was a great success and it felt more like being at a club than in someone's backyard. As a joke we started referring our place as "Club Spit" and the name stuck.

We held "jam sessions" several times a year until about 2000 when the character of our neighborhood had changed to the point where the cops would shut us down almost immediately. In response we founded Club Spit East and Country Club Spit, two other locations where we could play as long and as loud as we liked.

The original Club Spit still hosts the occasional small acoustic jam, but we go to Club Spit East or Country Club Spit when we want to turn the amps to 11. 1