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Fallback '99
Fallback '99 happened on November 20th. It was a pre-birthday party for Rob and his last chance to jam before he turns 40. We tried the webcast on Cu-SeeMe, but couldn't do the audio feed, just video. We also had a little trouble with the lighting and the camera, but we've got a few months to work the bugs out before our next bash in March or April. We played way past our usual 10pm deadline, but did not see any cops this time. It was nice to get a break from the usual disruption of the police stopping by. Unfortuantly no one thought to take any pictures this time.

Open Mike for July was our biggest event so far!
Our open mike on Saturday, July 24th was held out at Bill's place in Dripping Springs. We had about 100 folks stop by and the camping area was practically full at the end of the night! Several bands and musicians took the stage including Rodney Smith, the Defrockers, the South Side Rhythm All Stars, Ponty Lox, Fever Pitch, and Wolves@th'Door. The Club Spit crew stayed up so late that we saw the sunrise Sunday morning (and it's been a while since that has happened.) We've got our pictures posted below and we've added a few more so if you've looked at them before, be sure to hit your refresh button on your browser to load the new ones.

Open Mike for June (06/12/99)

The Open Mike for June went ahead in spite of the construction of the new roof for the back addition. With summer in full swing, we moved to our later start time of 6 pm. This left just 4 hours for live music outdoors if we had stopped at 10 pm, but for some reason the cops did not stop by this party - a first for Club Spit!

Open Mike #1 (02/20/99)

The first monthly jam had a good turnout with a large number of musicians arriving during the day and evening. We had a variety of talent from those just starting out to the pros. We'd love to list all the names, but unfortunately we forgot to put out a sign up sheet (we'll be sure to do this next time.) We even had one entire band show up, The Defrockers, and they put on a fine show in the evening. The cops did stop by once during the afternoon - we turned it down a bit and were not visited again. At 10pm we shut down and moved inside - special thanks to all you who helped move the equipment - and continued with the heavy metal portion of the jam. The next day we received this wonderful e-mail from a satisfied patron of Club Spit.

From: Seetoboy (02/21/99)

Whazzup? Just HAD to write you and say thanks for the great time @Clubspit last night. As always, it was a genuine cornucopia of delights. (Big word huh?) I'm sorry that Annette couldn't make it, and so is she ... especially since I woke her up at 1:00 in the a.m. to relay to her the post-show highlights. So much to reflect upon, I was at a temporary loss for words... so I've comprised a schedule of the night's event's, as I remembered them, so that you will not have to stumble over the right terms and sequences when trying to describe a Clubspit soiree to some poor confused, backwoods spawned Neanderthals that might have never actually been to Clubspit, or experienced the intense warm fluttering of fire before. I figure that, hey, since this shindig is going to be a regular monthly ritual, you might even be able to use it as sort of a "program" to hand out to those unfortunate souls who have not been introduced to the mellowest musical cool spot in the surrounding KVUE 24 area. The usual bill of fare for the evening will normally be as follows: 12:01 p.m.: You will arrive to plenty of parking space along the snow white cement curbs of luxurious Garden Villa Ave. All you need to do is follow the driveway behind the beautiful Clubspit sign. As you near the "back door" to the festivities, you will be welcomed by your gracious host Rob, and his ever- charming wife and hostess Ann. The smell of woodsmoke and Bar-B-Que will lure you past the threshold of Clubspit's entrance. 1:00-2:00 p.m.: All parking spaces falling within OSHA regulations are now gone, but, hey, if your not here by now, you've already missed on the fist case of beer, so parking is the least of your problems! 3:00 p.m.: By now the first group of the literal droves of musicians begins to mount the stage. This is where it gets good. Pop a top, wipe the sauce off of your chin, and sit back and enjoy. 4:00 p.m.: By now, you've already begun to soak in the atmosphere, and trust me, you cannot help but contribute to it. Also, by now, you bladder is probably first among your concerns. Well, fear not, for Clubspit offers the ultimate in purging accessories. Treat yourself to a lovely powder in the stunning blue Port-O-Jon 3000. Conveniently located just 10 yards away from the Clubspit sign, you'll be moaning in relief in seconds. Or, if the season allows, you can seek solitude for natural duties in the hi-tech interior facility, offering the cutting edge in toiletry, including push-button-flush technology. 5:00 p.m.- ???.: Enjoy the sounds of Wolves @ the Door, among many other local talented performers. (As Earl says... "Man that Rob's got a set of pipes dude!") Take in the music, food, drink and laughter. Enjoy more drink, and more music. Enjoy more drink... begin to sing along. Entertain the facilities... ( tip: when Johnny hits the stage, it's a perfect time to visit the Port-O-Jon 3000) Drink some more ... then, have a try at the stage yourself! You'd be amazed at the world's only alcohol powered sound system. Hell, after a twelve pack, you can sing just like Janis Joplin! Absolutely fantastic! Enjoy your stay @ Clubspit, and remember ... play responsibly. Just having a little fun guys... had a great time. Earl did too. Can't wait for the next one. See ya' there!

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