Center Pond Family Reunions

Here are some photos of some of our earlier family reunions, which took place at my grandparents' camp on Center Pond, in Sangerville, Maine, during the 1970's.

Summer, 1970
L to R: Me (behind packages in high chair), Mom, Aunt Helen from Texas, Grammy Mills, cousins Rick and Bruce

Knealing: Cousin Bob, Uncle Paul
Front Row: Cousin Joanne (from Texas), Karen (in bikini), Allen, Rick, Grammy Merrill, Bruce, Amy (being held), Aunt Jan, Aunt Helen
Back: Dad (hidden), Mom, Aunt Chris, Uncle Ron, Uncle Johnny (hidden), Grampa Mills

L to R: Aunt Jan, Amy, Karen, Amanda (neighbor), Allen, Mom, Dad, Uncle Ron

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Updated April 30, 1998.

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