Coach B's Photo Albums

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Here are some photos for you to browse. I've tried to arrange them in such a way that there are no more than 4 on a page. Hopefully this will make downloading more time efficient. Enjoy.

Me and Washington (the Wonder Dog) My Teams: updated 1/31/99
My nephews, Jacob and Kevin My nephew Jacob
Article and photos of my friend Mike My friends Paz, Mike and my Uncle Ron
The Leighton Family, my aunt, uncle, and cousins Photos of Maine, taken by me, Coach B, photographer extrordinaire!!
Family Portraits Me, as a little kid
Me, my brother, and sister, as kids
Early family reunions (1970's) Family reunions from the late 1980's
1997 Soccer pics 1998 Softball pics

Coming soon: photos of my family, my trips (Texas, Washington state, Quebec), photos of Maine, and much more.

Updated July 21, 2005.

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