Coach B's Teams

Here are some photos of my teams.

1998 Searsport District Middle School Girls Soccer Team
Front: Jillian G, Janelle H, Jessie P, Brittany S, Jessica L, Nicole Z, Kristi R, Lindsey S
Standing front row: Katrina M, Sarah C, Heather M, Katie H, Kelsey W, Abby T, Shannon M, Lucienne M, Coleen N, Jennifer C, Kimber J, Jenna C, Maureen H, Coach
Back row: Kathleen F, April M, Katey B, Nicole S, Jessica W, Amanda E, Cara W, Jessica C, Rebecka R, Shiela W

The 1998 Busline League Champion Softball Team.
Front: Ashley, Erica, Heather, Holly, Lura, Barndi
Middle: Sarah, Jessica L, Kristy, Jessie, Lindsey, Lucienne
Back: Nicole, Katy, Cara, Katrina, Coach B, Erika B, Jessica C, Jessica W

More Team Pictures!!!!

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Updated January 31, 1999.