Nature Photography

by Justin Rives

Shooting nature photography is a disipline. It requires patience and knowlege. Most wildlife subjects are wary of humans. This makes it necessary to have a long focal lense to maintain a safe distance. Photographing wildlife in it's natural habitat can give birth to feelings of great reward. A great deal of knowlege may be aquired by familiarizing yourself with your subject's habits.

Landscape pictures create dramatic scenes. Wide angle lenses are usually necessary for sharp focusing. To take successful landscapes a photographer must learn to visualize and then put their ideas on film.

Techniques are important in Photography. For instance, colors can create emotions of warmth. Contrast can be used to make strong forcefull images. Painters start with a plain white canvas, then they choose what they want to put in the picture. Photographers start from the other direction being given a whole world. They use composition lighting and their own creativity to form a lasting image of film. Photographing nature captures mere moments of time which can be kept forever.

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