Delia Robertson's Family Ties
Delia Robertson's Family Ties
At present this website contains South Africa Death Notice references, as well as a copy of an outline of a presentation made on 14 September 2002 on the subject of Death Notices.

Click on the link at the left to go to the Death Notice page or to the presentation page.

Can you help Joan du Preez identify an old lady in some photographs. Please try and do so by visiting the photo page.

Can you help John Fuller identify some individuals in three photographs. Please try and do so by visiting the John Fuller page.

If you are just starting out with South African genealogical research you might like to download a primer prepared by Janet Melville and Delia Robertson. You will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view the file. PLEASE NOTE: in order to connect to the URL's in the primer, you may need to right-click on your mouse and select the option to launch the URL in your browser.

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