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The Solids
New York, NY

Do you have a hot demo and can't spend the time or money on a full album to advertise it? Fickle is looking for unsigned acts for an indie compilation, due out mid-1999. Space is limited, so act now!

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dirty Pat's Viscous Midget Circus aspires to be something between Radiohead and Frank Zappa. They offer viscosity breakdown beats, dwarven chants, and a circus the whole family can enjoy. Order their latest CD, EMERGENCY ENTRANCE, and stay tuned for their follow-up, SUPER SIZED NUMBER 2.
Durham, Connecticut

Energetic Connecticut based hard-core punk band, Pink Fairy, Fish Head and the Maggots are two weeks into their New England "tour". Catch them in the Boston area late this month. Lead screamer Pink Fairy explores his angry side after spending the last year in the studio recording acoustic guitar parts with Dirty Pat.

surgery for girls

Amherst, Massachusetts

With Fickle's newest act, Surgery for Girls, FR anticipates mainstream success with the release of 2 SFG singles in May of 1999. Pop culture is preparing for an operation by a girl and a boy and rock martyr in the making.


Winnetka, Illinois

Bish returns from five years away from music to sign with Fickle. They hope to be in the studios in time to get a track on FR's 1999 Indie Compilation.

The Ugliottas

San Francisco, CA


Fickle Records Groton
200 Michelle Ln. #104
Groton, CT, 06340, USA
Fickle Records Cambridge
135 Inman St. #10
Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA

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