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Olympus C-5050Zoom Olympus C-5050Zoom
August 19, 2002 - Olympus Europe has announced their new comapact digital camera, the C-5050Zoom . Here's the official Olympus Europe press release. It becomes the newest member of their C series Camedia digital camera line. Preliminary information for the Olympus C-5050Zoom can be found at Digital Photography Review. Olympus Europe has more detailed data posted on their website for the Olympus C-5050Zoom. Olympus has given the new C-5050Zoom many new features to the C-5050 including: a 5 megapixel CCD imager, a tilting LCD monitor, the ability to use the new xD-Picture card memory as well as Compact Flash types I and II, and Smart Media memories. 1GB Microdrives can also be used as a memory option. They have continued with the new live histogram, that was introduced with the C-4000. The lens used is the time proven Super Bright f1.8 - f2.6 lens used on past models in the C series. A full review of the C-5050Zoom can be found at Steve's Digicams. Current prices for the C-5050Zoom are in the neighborhood of $799. More information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.


Canon 28mm - 135mm/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens Canon 28mm-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens
June 29, 2004 - Canon added to it's lens lineup an image stabilized lens that seems to be a perfect fit for my Canon 10D. I read reviews about this lens for months before finally getting a chance to give it a try. I made a stop my one of my local camera stores, Penn Camera, and gave it a try. My first picture was that of a sign in the store. I wasn't expecting much on my first shot, but the 'Image Stabilization' system 'delivered'. That first shot was made at an f5.6 at 1/15 of a second. It came out tack sharp. I took several comparison shots with various other non-IS lenses and none could compare. An in-depth review for the Canon 28mm-135mm IS lens , written by Bob Atkins, a contributor to Photo.Net, can be found at the Photo.Net website. In that review, it is compared to several other Canon consumer rated zoom lenses. I have several other lenses for my 10D, but this 28mm - 135mm IS USM comes the closest in image quality to my 50 mm f1.8 prime lens, which does an excellent job on the 10D. I'll be spending the next several weeks getting used to this lens, but I see it becoming my main carry lens.


Canon EOS 10D Canon EOS 10D
February 27, 2003 - The Canon EOS 10D, the successor to the much praised Canon EOS D60 has been announced. The EOS 10D is a 6.3 mega pixel digital SLR camera that has a price point in the neighborhood of $1499, making it affordable which is sure to enable more enthusiasts to afford a digital SLR. The EOS 10D has been designed with a magnesium frame which should make for a very durable and light weight camera. The camera has a 7 point AF system with the focus points superimposed on the viewing screen. It is capable of capturing up to 9 frames at the rate of 3 frames per second in either raw or Jpeg formats. The EOS 10D uses the regular EOS line of lens supported by the other Canon film and digital cameras. It is powered by a custom Lithium-Ion battery, which should provide power for the taking of 400 - 450 images with occasional flash usage. Full reviews of the EOS 10D can be found at Steve's Digicam's website and The Digital Photography Review website. I have recently purchased the EOS 10D after a succession of Olympus digital cameras and am hoping it serves me as well as my previous digicams have.


Olympus E-10 Olympus E-10 Zoom
August, 2000 - With high public anticipation, Olympus America, announced the Olympus E-10 Zoom, the successor to their model 2500. It is a 4.1 Megapixel SLR digital camera with a 9-36mm lens, which is 35 - 140mm, 35mm equivalent. The street price of the E-10 is running between $1300 to $1500 . The price set targets the E-10 at the high-end amateur user. The largest image size out of the camera is 2240 X 1680 pixels. The body is constructed from an aluminum frame body, which is a relief from the current crop of plastic bodies with a sprinkling of metal. Steve Sanders has one of his usual excellent reviews on this camera at his site, Steve's Digicams. There is also an excellent review at the megapixel.net site. Digital Photography Review has posted an exhaustive review on their site of the E-10.This is my personal camera and in general I've been happy with it, with the exception being displeased with the manual focus system that does not focus. The Olympus Support line has been unable to solve this over the phone and the camera has been returned to Olympus for evaluation and repair. When the camera returned, the manual focus worked quite well.


October, 2001 - Sony released their new DSC-F707 5 Megapixel Digicam, a successor to their DSC-F505. It has a 5.24 Megapixel CCD with a 5:1 optical zoom(35mm equivilent: 38mm-190mm) Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar  lens. It has an articulated lens and body, which might take some getting use to, but aids in taking pictures above the user or at the waist level. The DSC-F707 also has a very bright and highly visible Electronic Viewfinder, the type used on video cameras,  that displays most of the camera's shooting information, such as F/stop, shutter speed, battery condition, and resolution, etc. The DSC-F707 also has features to aid in the capture pictures in almost total darkness, with the inclusion of 2 features named Night Framing and Night Shot. The current street price of the Sony DSC-F707 is running in the neighborhood of $999. Steve's Digicams and Phil Askey's  Digital Photography Review have excellent reviews posted for the DSC-F707, as does Dave Etchells at Imaging Resource . My own personal opinion is that the image quality of the DSC-F707, other than issues of red color saturation, blows away cameras costing hundreds more. The only problem I had was getting used to the balancing act of holding it in my hands. But, the image quality was superb! Another negative is the proprietary flash system and the 'Stick' memory.

My First Olympus D500-L Pictures




Flower Girls
Burghers of Calais

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