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Dave Dee - vocals (born David Harmon, 1943)

Tich - lead guitar (born Ian Amey, 1944)

Beaky - rhythm guitar (born John Dymond, 1944)

Dozy - bass guitar (born Trevor Davies, 1944)

Mick - drums (born Michael Wilson, 1944)


DD,D,B.M&T were formed in Salisbury in the early Sixties and were originally named Dave Dee & The Bostons. Dee was a former policeman who attended the scene of the car crash in 1960 which killed American rocker Eddie Cochran and injured Gene Vincent.

Yet another of the British groups which honed their skills in Hamburg, they also worked hard at building up a following at home by incessantly touring British dancehalls, often supporting acts which were already established.

After re-locating their operations to London in 1964, they were discovered by Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley, a songwriting duo, who became their managers and wrote a series of blatantly commercial top ten hits for them from the spring of '66 until the decade's end.

Dee was to leave the group in 1969, and later went into the other side of the "business" as a producer and an A&R man while the remainder of the group carried on briefly as D, B, M & T.



Mar '65

No Time/Is It Love

Fontana TF 531



All I Want/It Seems A Pity

Fontana TF 586


Nov '65

You Make It Move/I Can't Stop

Fontana TF 630


Mar '66

Hold Tight/You Know What I Want

Fontana TF 671


Jun '66

Hideaway/Here's A Heart

Fontana TF 711


Sep '66

Bend It/She's So Good

Fontana TF 746


Dec '66

Save Me/Shame

Fontana TF 775


Mar '67

Touch Me, Touch Me/Marina

Fontana TF 798


May '67

Okay!/He's A Raver

Fontana TF 830


Oct '67

Zabadak!/The Sun Goes Down

Fontana TF 873


Feb '68

Legend Of Xanadu/Please

Fontana TF 903


Jun '68

Last Night In Soho/Mrs. Thursday

Fontana TF 953


Sep '68

Wreck Of The Antoinette/Still Life

Fontana TF 971


Feb '69

Don Juan/Margaretta Lidman

Fontana TF 1000


May '69

Snake In The Grass/Bora Bora

Fontana TF 1020



Tonight Today/Bad News

Fontana TF 1061




Mar '67

Loos Of England -

Fontana TE 17488




Jul '66

DD - DBMT - We've Got A Good Thing Goin'/Here's A Heart/Something I Gotta Tell You/All I Want To Do/Frustration/Hold Tight/Hard To Love You/Nose For Trouble/No More Love/After Tonight/No More Time/Double Agent

Fontana TL 5350

Dec '66

If Music Be The Food Of Love ...Prepare For Indigestion - Bang/I'm On The Up/Hideaway/Shame/Hands Off/Loos Of England/Help Me/Master Llewellyn/You Make It Move/All I Want/Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin/Bend It

Fontana TL 5388

Nov '67

Golden Hits - Hold Tight/Marina/Hideaway/You Make It Move/Save Me/He's A Raver/Bend It/All I Want/Touch Me, Touch Me/She's So Good/I Can't Stop/Okay!

Fontana STL 5441


What's In A Name

Fontana 858 000


If No One Sang -

Fontana STL 5471


Greatest Hits -

Fontana SFL 13002




Hold Tight - You Know What I Want, Save Me, You Make It Move, Here's a Heart, Hold Tight, Hideaway, Bend It, Touch Me Touch Me, I'm On The Up, Hands Off, No Time, She's No Good, Shame, Master Llewellyn

Collectables COL5650



Boxed - No Time/Is It Love/All I Want/It Seems A Pity/You Make It Move/I Can't Stop/Hold Tight/You Know What I Want/Hideaway/We've Got A Good Thing Going/ Here's A Heart/Something I Gotta Tell You/All I Want To Do/Frustration/Hard To Love You/Nose For Trouble/No More Love/After Tonight/Double Agent/Bend It/She's So Good/Bang/I'm On The Up/Shame/Hands Off/Loos Of England/Help Me/Master Llewellyn/Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin/Save Me/Touch Me, Touch Me/Marina/Over And Over Again/Okay!/He's A Raver/Zabadak/Sun Goes Down/Legend Of Xanadu/Please/Where From/I've Got A Feeling/In A Matter Of A Moment/Mrs Thursday/ Mama Mama/If I Were A Carpenter/Look At Me/Tide Is Turning/Breakout/No One/Charlie Farns Barn/Castle Far/Last Night In Soho/Wreck Of The Antoinette/Still Life/Don Juan/Margareta Lidman/Snake In The Grass/Bora Bora/Below The Belt/Love Is A Drum/First Time Loving/P Teaser/Run Colorado/Mountains Of The Moon/Tonight Today/Bad News/My Woman's Man/Gonna Make You Part Of Me/Annabella/Kelly/Mr President/Frisco Annie/Too Much/She Was A Raver/Mystery Rider/World/Rain/Soukie/Leader Of A Rock 'n' Roll Band/Buttercup Joe/Everything About Her/If I Believed In Tomorrow/Festival/Wedding Bells/Sweden/I Want To Be There/For The Use Of Your Son/Hold On/Mary Morning Mary Evening/Swingy/Don't You Ever Change/They Won't Sing My Song/Sarah/Goodnight Ma/Stars/She's My Lady/You've Got Me On The Run/Staying With It/Matthew & Son