is a support group program for young people seeking to get out of gang activity. Each meeting consists of group dialogue, prayer, Bible study, refreshments, and one on one dialogue as needed.


  • Attend Bi-Monthly Support Group Meetings
  • Participate In Bible Studies
  • Learn Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Participate In Community Service Activities
  • Become Eligible For Tattoo Removal Program

Some youth in the Lake County, Illinois area have been court-ordered to attend Transitions meetings. This has helped to rehabilitate gang members and introduce them into mainline society. These rehabilitated youth are assisted by Gang Outreach in securing employment. A certificate of completion is awarded to those individuals who have successfully progressed through our seven-level Transitions program. The average time frame for most individuals is from three to six months, depending on their willingness to change.

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Award recipients (left): Carlos Gonzalez, Chris Montes and Gabriel Santoyo at 2001 Award Ceremony. Carlos and Chris were awarded for outstanding service and Gabriel for finishing the first phase of Transitions.

Award recipients at our annual "Transitions" Award Ceremony and Christmas Party.


PLEASE NOTE: Our main Transitions location is in Waukegan, Illinois. We also have a branch location in Round Lake, Illinois.


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