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Effective on or before December 1, 2000 the bozos at Yahoo!!GeoCities have finally butchered the system so badly that these pages may no longer be readily available or accessible to all those who linked to or bookmarked them. They have apparently canceled, without prior notice, explanation, apology or reimbursement, the personalized URL that I have been paying for for the last 3 years as part of the GeoPlus Program. This URL still works on occasion but I have been utterly unable to get a straight answer out of their "customer service" department as to whether or not it will in the future. (What correspondence I have says it is already permanently dead.) Short of trying to recreate 3 years of promotion and trying to publicize the new address, I have decided to simply pack in the whole business.

Since the service I was paying for was terminated (maybe), I have canceled the Geoplus Program and these pages will revert to the Free Program which means they will be cluttered with stupid and annoying logos and advertising. I have no intention of wasting my time and effort promoting that junk. Consequently, I will not longer be upgrading or promoting these pages. If you managed to get this far you are welcome to see what is here or to email me for an expanded diatribe. Do NOT assume that, because the URL works today, it will work tomorrow.

This decision was heavily influenced by the numerous previous botches of the takeover of GeoCities by Yahoo!! including multiple screwings up of the various cgi scripts, counters and other accessories and the multiple wrecking of the Guest Books. You will notice that the Guest Book below is trashed again for at least the third time since the takeover and, of course, the counter, with 4 years worth of hits has disappeared into the ozone. Recoding my pages every time some boob (you will note that I refrain from referring to them as yahoos) decides to make an "improvement" is not my idea of a good time. Having fled the lunatic marketing frenzy and callous disregard of the member base on AOL for the Net, I see no reason to accept the same sort of thing here from Yahoo!!. Given the similarity of attitude, I imagine these pages will disappear mysteriously the first time management happens to notice them. Res Ipsa Loquitur, or, as Senator John Blutarsky might have put it "Five years of Web Presence down the drain."

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Law Offices of Attorney
Reno v. ACLU: The CDA on Trial

At Beautiful Lake Garda in Farmington
and Burlington Connecticut

Scales "Sire Man of Lawe," quod he, "so have ye bliss,
Telle us a tale anoon, as forward is.
Ye been submitted thurgh youre free assent
To stonden in this caas at my juggement.
Acquiteth you now of youre biheeste:
Thanne have ye doon youre devoir att leest".
Prologue to Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales"


The navigational buttons to the right will take you to information on my interests as a Real Estate Attorney including my Resumé and References, Fee Schedules and an Order Form for Real Estate Services, general legal resources and specific information on the State of Connecticut and Connecticut Law and Real Estate. There's even a Comparative Loan Calculator for when you have to refinance the house to buy that new computer. There is also a collection of Free Speech Online resources and quotes on the subject of Free Speech and the First Amendment. My Manual on the Sale and Purchase of Residential Real Estate in Connecticut is a perpetual work in process. Parts of it are actually done. If you are as big a fan as I am of the Speed Trap Racket, you'll enjoy my less than complimentary commentary and links on the Speed Trap Page. And, last but not least, the Top Ten Reasons Why Real Estate Lawyers Get Ulcers.

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Jump on in and wander around a bit. This is a work in progress (it would've progressed farther if ferschlugginer Netscape hadn't eaten my Bookmark file) so be careful walking under ladders and try not to leave footprints in the cement. Leave your pithy comments for posterity in the Guest Book and please come again.

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