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Welcome to the Odz N Enz Page. This page is for links to individuals and organizations which don't seem to "fit" into another category.

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Strangers from Strange Lands

"A strange visitor from another planet with powers and abilities far above those of normal men."

Art Bell is a slightly deranged individual who lives in the Nevada desert and likes to talk on the radio late at night. Fortunately for him, he has his own radio show and can do it for a living.
His favorite topics are UFO's, government cover ups, paranormal phenomena, apocalyptic prophecys and beached aquadic mammals. He's recently installed a feature on his website where listeners can vote on the credibility of his guests. Would 60 Minutes dare do likewise?

Is Art simply strange or "strangely simple"? Maybe he's an alien in disguise. Decide for yourself!

Kim Komando
She's the self proclaimed "Digital Goddess" and has her own weekly radio show that helps cybergeeks deal with the perils of life in Cyberland. Can a woman this good looking be that smart? Yes!
(Unless, of course, she's a Prefabricated Internet Idol.)

Jacques Cousteau

What did Jacques Cousteau do during World War Two? Why is the Cousteau Society's official website strangely silent on the subject? Enquireing minds want to know!

She's Blonde, Beautiful and Brainy!
(I know that's oxymoronic but so be it. Of course it may not be her real picture ...)

Fun With Food!

Strawberry Pop Tarts
More fun than you think.

The Mystery Meat that Saved Civilization!

Official Spam Website

A real camera in a real Lobster Trap!
(Only in America!)

Travel Tips for Americans in France
Truer than you think.

Find the map of your choice.

Navassa Island
Learn about the smallest piece of the American Empire.

Paranoia Pavilion

The Unauthorized Anti-Disney Website
Why do they call it "Eisner's Evil Empire"?

Lots of Conspiracy and Paranoia info!

Black Helicopters
Are they REALLY black?

Paranormal Phenomena

The name says it all.

New England Society of Skeptics

Konspiracy Korner
Links to some of the best conspiracy pages on the web.


Friends of Bill
What do all of these FOB's have in common?

Clinton Cover Up
Why are so many people dying, leaving the country, going to jail, forgetting everything, rufuseing to talk or just plain disappearing when they get a subpeana?

Extremist Groups Political Activist Organizations

Common Cause
One of the few lobby groups which tries to reform Washington rather than influence it.

Starr Report Guestbook
Read REAL comments from REAL people on the Starr Report!

Monica Lewinsky Anagrams

Starr Wars Poster

Famous Voices of the 60's.
Where else would you find Malcolm X and Richard Nixon in the same place?

Big Explosions!

Microsoft Detonates Nuclear Bomb!

(Just Kidding.)

Build Your Own Nuclear Bomb

1. The Webmaster does not endorse the private manufacture, sale, use and/or distribution of nuclear weapons.
2. The Webmaster does not warrenty that the instructions contained on this page will result in an operable nuclear device.
3. The Webmaster is of the opinion that attempting to construct a nuclear device will result in more harm to the builder than his or her enemies.

Exploding Whale
Back by Popular Demand!

Cigar Aficionado

Peanuts FAQ
Fascinating Trivia about the World's Best Comic Strip!

Y2K News

Center for Internet Information

Lots of info about the Internet.

Find a Map to Your Favorite Country

Gold Spot Price

Sing Along With Captain Kirk!

Musical Artillery
Dedicated to the virtues of both Classical AND Heavy Metal!

Beatles Songs for Varied Artists

British Naval Officer Fitness Reports

Although probably fictitious these reports are good for a few laughs.

1001 Uses for Duct Tape!

Journal of Irreproducable Results

Roadside America
Features Wierd and Unusual Roadside Attractions

Belize Economic Citizenship
Become and "economic citizen" of one of the world's smallest countries.

Satanic Teletubbies

Dudley Dooright Lives!

Political Graveyard

Find A Grave
Many Graves of Semi-Famous People

Hubble Telescope Images

Forbes 400
"America Has Been Very Very Good to Me!"

YAHOO! Alta Vista Infoseek

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